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Our Mission
The Federation’s mission is to support the development of a
not-for-profit rental housing
sector that compares to any around the world, and makes a difference to the lives of lower income and disadvantaged households across the state.


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The NSWFHA office is located on land traditionally owned by the
Gadigal Clan of the Eora Nation

(see Statement of Apology)


MEDIA RELEASE: Community sector to manage 1 in 3 social housing homes in NSW (17 October 2017)
The state's peak not-for-profit housing body today congratulated the nine community housing providers who have successfully tendered to manage 14,000 public housing properties in the Hunter, North Coast, Shoalhaven, New England, South Coast and Northern Sydney. Read full release here.

Ageing on the Edge in NSW Forum (17 October 2017)
The national Ageing on the Edge – Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project is holding a half day forum on the renting crisis facing older people in NSW.
For more information, click here

2nd National Foyer Conference (10 October 2017)
Don't miss your chance to hear from the Foyer movements leading thinkers and practitioners from across Australia and the UK, and learn how Foyers are transforming housing and development support for young people. 
For more information visit their website

The Social Housing Indicator Framework (3 October 2017)
The Social Housing Indicator Framework was produced by the Centre for Social Impact as part of a project led by the Federation, and developed under a FACS funded Industry Development Project. The framework includes a list of indicators which CHPs can use to measure client outcomes and determine if intended outcomes are being achieved. The indicators are a practical tool for monitoring, evaluating and demonstrating progress within the community housing sector. CHPs can select indicators based on their particular objectives as well as stakeholder and client needs.

The project responds to Future Directions, and has built on and aligned with the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework (FSOF) and the FACS social housing outcomes framework. The indictors and measures have also been informed by a literature review, stakeholder consultations, including a workshop with representatives from the community housing sector.

Housing Matters (28 September 2017)
The September edition of our newsletter is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: A welcome boost to social and affordable housing in NSW through SAHF (13 September 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations today welcomed the State Government's announcement it will provide an extra 1200 homes through Phase 2 of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) and prioritise housing for older women. Read full media release here.

FedEx Report now available!
(03 October 2017)
View the September FedEx report here!

Parliamentary Inquiry on land release and housing supply in NSW (5 September 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations (Federation) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Parliamentary Inquiry on land release and housing supply in NSW. The Federation proposes several solutions to optimising land release and the housing supply pipeline to address chronic housing unaffordability in NSW. The full submission is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Solving homlessness with local action (1 September 2017)
Leading northern Sydney community housing provider, Link Housing, is taking positive action to help with an often unseen and unrecognised problem – homeless youth on the Northern Beaches. The organisation is hosting 'Home Sweet 2017' a charity sleepover at Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club, on the night of Friday 15th September. Aiming to raise more than $100,000, the inaugural event is already over $77,000 with two weeks to go until the big night. Read the full release here.

Housing Matters (30 August 2017)
The August edition of our newsletter is available here.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING FORUM: Joint Communique (23 August 2017)
The Affordable Housing Forum organised by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) and the Planning Institute Australia in collaboration with the NSW Federation of Housing Associations was held on Monday, 24 July, 2017. Following the Forum, attended by presenters and participants from the State and Local Government sectors, the development industry, community housing providers, non-government organisations, research and planning, housing and urban development professionals and consultants, the Communique available here was issued. An abridged version of the Communique is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Affordable Housing Forum releases Communique on actions and solutions (23 August 2017)
That Sydney is the second-most unaffordable city is in the world was not lost on close to 200 people who came together to discuss practical solutions to the chronic underinvestment in social and affordable Housing crisis in Sydney. Read the full release here.

Nazha Saad (15 August 2017)
On Monday 21 August the Federation news that Nazha Saad former CEO of SGCH had passed away after her two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. For those many of us who knew and admired Nazha it is a very very sad day. She achieved so much during her career and community housing is many times stronger for her contribution. Those of us who saw her  during her illness were so impressed by how positive and interested and engaged she remained throughout that time.
The Federation’s heartfelt condolences  go out to all her family and friends. SGCH’s chairman Dennis Café has shared this statement with us.  

MEDIA RELEASE: Ivanhoe Estate to create a vibrant, diverse community for all (14 August 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations today congratulated community housing provider Mission Australia Housing and development partners Frasers Property Australia on their winning tender to build 950 social housing units and 128 affordable rental units on the Ivanhoe Estate site at Macquarie Park. Read the full release here.

Housing Matters (31 July 2017)
The July edition of our newsletter is available here.

PROPOSAL: Doors to Home Ownership (18 July 2017)
Shared home ownership offers a realistic and proven option for many aspiring home owners on moderate incomes unable to enter the housing market. People are struggling to save a home deposit to get into this rising market. For those who do manage while interest rates are at historic lows, even a small rise would send repayments soaring. Our proposal outlines a scheme to demonstrate the benefits of shared ownership arrangements. It seeks to provide the NSW Government with a new affordable home purchase solution. Before requesting the Government to co-invest, we are looking to undertake a more detailed feasibility study with financial assistance from FACS to show the scheme's effectiveness.  Read the proposal here.

INVITATION TO ATTEND: Affordable Housing Forum Sydney (13 July 2017)
A special opportunity is open to attend the Affordable Housing Forum, focusing on how investors, community housing providers, property developers, planners, government and the community can better work together to deliver housing stock that is affordable to lower income earners. The Forum will be opened by the Hon Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing and Special Minister of State. The Forum is hosted by SSROC, Planning Institute Australia, and the NSW Federation of Housing. Click here for full information and instructions to book! Email enquires to Kate Toohey kate.toohey@ssroc.nsw.gov.au.

MEDIA RELEASE: Summit to press for strong Affordable Housing targets for Sydney (13 July 2017)
Sydney councils, community housing, investors, developers, planners, and leading academics will come together at an Affordable Housing Forum on July 24 to design real-world solutions to meeting growing demand for Affordable Housing models in greater Sydney. NSWFHA CEO Wendy Hayhurst “In the next 19 years at least 100,000 affordable housing dwellings are needed for lower income households priced out of the market. This forum is an opportunity to do something positive to tackle this challenge". Read the full release here.

News article: Community sector offers a solid platform for fair social housing (5 July 12017)
Terry Bourke writes for The Conversation that the Community sector offers a solid platform for fair social housing, arguing that ‘community housing has underpinned the growth and viability of what many would see as some of the fairest and best-performing social housing systems in the world — those of Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands’. Access the article here.

Federation Exchange May/June 2017 Report (3 July 2017)
We are excited to announce the release of the final report from the May/June FedEx. You can view the full report here. The report contains insights and discussions presented across the two day conference. A reminder to save the date for our next Federation Exchange held on the 13th and 14th of September!

Housing Matters (27 June 2017)
The June edition of our newsletter is available here.

NSWFHA Housing Management Hotline service expanded(26 June 2017)
Community housing providers are committed to ensuring that they deliver an effective and sensitive response to any applicants, tenants and their dependents experiencing domestic and family violence.
To assist with this the NSW Federation of Housing Associations has broadened the Hotline service to assist members managing tenancies that involve domestic and family violence. More info

City of Parramatta Affordable Housing Discussion Paper
How community housing can deliver solutions to Western Sydney's affordable housing crisis(15 June 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations (the Federation) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on behalf of its members to the City of Parramatta's Affordable Housing Discussion Paper and fully supports Council's focus on increasing the supply of affordable rental housing in the Parramatta area to assist households suffering from rental stress. Read more

MEDIA RELEASE: Premier's housing package leaves NSW families out in the cold (5 June 2017)
The Premier's housing package will not fully address housing issues for many NSW families and needs more detail how will provide the 100,000 new affordable rental homes needed in NSW, peak housing and homeless bodies warn. The NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW said the package does little to help people on low incomes or provide the 100,000 new affordable homes NSW will need by 2036 – just to keep pace with today's population. Read the full media release here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Political agreement needed to alleviate NSW housing crisis (31 May 2017)
Peak housing and homelessness bodies in NSW today called for bipartisan agreement on a plan to fix the state’s housing crisis. The NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW have welcomed Labor’s Affordable Homes in Sydney Plan commitment to introducing affordable housing targets on government owned land and in new private developments. Both peaks said they would be looking closely at how the Government would address the issue in the lead up to the NSW Budget. Read full media release here.

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our Fourth Quarterly Federation Exchange.  We are excited to present another program crammed with the latest news, developments and updates from within the sector. Tickets are available here. Full program available here. For additional information please contact Molly O’Halloran at mollyo@communityhousing.org.au.

MEDIA RELEASE: More NSW tenants give community housing the thumbs up (25 May 2017)
Findings from the latest House Keys industry benchmarking report found that 85 per cent of tenants in NSW are satisfied with their community housing provider, with satisfaction rates even higher in regional areas. Deborah Georgiou states “We’re working with local communities, local councils and the NSW Government to provide even more for the increasing number of families in rental stress”.  Read full release here.

Housing Matters (25 May 2017)
The May edition of our newsletter is available here.

Position Vacant with NSW Federation of Housing Associations: Administrative Officer (closes 1 June)

City of Sydney Free Technical Training (19 May 2017)
The City of Sydney and the Office of Environment & Heritage are offering free technical training for residential apartment Building Managers. The training sessions will give participants a better understanding of the opportunities and mechanisms to improve the energy performance of their building’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and save money. More information regarding sessions available here. RSVP here.

SUBMISSION: Review of rent models for social and affordable housing (12 May 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the IPART draft report of the ‘Review of rent models for social and affordable housing’. The Federation submitted a response to the issues paper in December 2016 and it is really pleasing to see many of the issues raised in that submission reflected in the draft report. Read the full Submission here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Budget housing package contains welcome news for NSW renters (9 May 2017)
The Government’s announcement it will go ahead with new financing mechanisms that would facilitate institutional investment in social and affordable housing is good news for NSW families struggling with crippling rental stress, the NSW Federation of Housing Associations said today. Read the full Media Release here.

SUBMISSION: Northern Beaches Council Draft Affordable Housing Policy (1 May 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on behalf of its members to Northern Beaches Council draft Affordable Housing Policy. The Federation is pleased to see that the Council’s focus on measures to increase the supply of affordable rental housing and have recognised the need to include key workers in the households who should be assisted.  Read the full submission here.

Housing Matters (28 April 2017)
The April edition of our newsletter is available here

RECOMMENDATIONS for Affordable Housing in Sydney (28 April 2017)
The Greater Sydney Commission asked for comments on six draft district plans that will shape our communities for years to come. Everyone in our city deserves a safe, affordable home, no matter how much they earn. The Federation has made recommendations on this plan which can be viewed here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Governments must step in with real action for NSW renters (28 April 2017)
Figures showing that rental affordability has plummeted again across many areas of NSW highlights the need for urgent investment in social housing and planning reforms to address increasing homelessness and housing unaffordability, housing and homelessness peaks said today.
Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot released today shows than less than 1% of properties advertised for rent in Sydney and the Illawarra last month were affordable for a person earning a minimum wage
. Read more

MEDIA RELEASE: IPART highlights scale of investment needed in social housing
IPART’s draft report into social and affordable housing in NSW highlights the scale of investment needed to fix the state’s social housing system, housing and homelessness peaks said today.
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW welcomed IPART’s acknowledgement that housing providers need an explicit subsidy to bridge the $950 million a year it estimates is needed to run the social housing system properly. Read more

POSITION VACANT: Training and Resource Officer (April 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations is seeking a Full Time Training and Resource Officer. Applicants must possess excellent written communication skills, a demonstrated ability to deliver training, seminars and/or high quality engaging presentations, experience or understanding of the mainstream housing/homelessness sector and/or Aboriginal housing sector, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a cross functional team. Please email resume and selection criteria to recruit@communityhousing.org.au or contact kevins@communityhousing.org.au for more information. Full position description is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Youth Homelessness Matters Day - Young people worried about housing (5 April 2017)
Figures showing that housing affordability is a growing issue for young people highlight the need for more long term affordable housing for young people in crisis, NSW homelessness and housing peaks said today.  The report released this week by the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) that children and young people staying in refuges reported feeling worried and anxious about where they were going to go after their initial three months had expired in the accommodation. Read full release here.

SUBMISSION: Draft New England North West Regional Plan
The Federation welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Draft New England North West Regional Plan. There is clear alignment between the Federation’s Industry Strategy and the aim of the Draft New England North West Regional Plan to facilitate economic growth and social wellbeing.  View the submission here.

Housing Matters (31 March 2017)
The March edition of our newsletter is available here

SUBMISSION to the Greater Sydney Commission's draft District Plans
The clearly articulated, integrated approach of the draft District Plans provides a solid starting point for planning for the evolving needs of Greater Sydney. The objectives and approach of the plans are broadly supported. View the submission here.

MEDIA RELEASE Greater Sydney Commission urged to adopt and extend affordable
housing targets as Sydney's population tops 5 million.
With Sydney expected to house another one million people within 16 years, homelessness
and housing peaks are urging the Greater Sydney Commission to push through with more
ambitious plans to mandate affordable housing targets across the city. Read more

Launch of Strengthening practice in responding to domestic and family violence: A toolkit for community housing providers  (20 March 2017)
The aim of the Toolkit is to build on the existing positive practice in both community housing and specialist homelessness services and complement; support and enhance current best practice approaches so they are adopted throughout the sector.

MEDIA RELEASE: New CEO to Lead Future Growth Opportunities for Women's Housing Company (16 March 2017)
Women's Housing Company has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer following the recent
resignation of Deborah Georgiou.WHC Chair Alice Spizzo today announced that Debbie Georgopoulos will take up the role from 10 April. Full release

MEDIA RELEASE: Bond aggregator a huge step forward in unlocking affordable housing (9 March 2017)
NSW community housing providers have welcomed the Commonwealth Government's
announcement it will establish an independent finance body to attract large scale private
investment in social and affordable housing.
The announcement builds on work by housing academics under the Australian Housing and
Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and a detailed model for a bond aggregator agency
proposed by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations in last July.
Full media release

MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Federation of Housing Associations congratulates community housing providers on new funding (9 March 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations today congratulated community housing
providers granted funds through the NSW Government's $1 billion Social and Affordable
Housing Fund.
Federation CEO Wendy Hayhurst said Compass Housing, SGCH, St Vincent de Paul, Uniting
and BaptistCare had proven track records in investing in well designed housing and services
for people in need in their local communities.
Full media release

Housing Appeals Committee is interested in your experience with their services.  Please click this link  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/housingappealscommittee to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) is conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey to understand stakeholders levels of satisfaction and awareness of the HAC.  The survey results will be published publicly in the 2016/17 HAC Annual Overview. As valued stakeholders, HAS is keen to hear about providers’ experience with them. The survey should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete, and does not seek any personal or identifying data from you.
It would also be appreciated that if providers could promote this survey to community housing applicants/tenants, whether or not they have used HAC services before. The survey can also be accessed from the HAC homepage www.hac.nsw.gov.au.

MEDIA RELEASE: 'Safe as Houses' toolkit launch held on International Women's Day 2017 (8 March 2017)
The NSW Federation of Housing, Domestic Violence NSW, Homelessness NSW and the Older Women’s Studio Development Project have joined forces to develop a toolkit program, designed for community housing providers to help strengthen practice in responding to domestic and family violence and older women’s homelessness. see full Media Release

Federation Exchange - 15 & 16 March
Registrations are now open for the 3rd Quarter Federation Exchange for Members. Please register no later than 9 March. More Info...

Housing Matters (28 February 2017)
The February edition of our newsletter is available here

Value Capture Response (22 February 2017)
Please see HERE the Federation's response to the Government's discussion paper: Using Value Capture to deliver Major Land Transport Infrastructure.

2017 AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards
Nominations close at the end of February. More info

Housing Appeals Committee Annual Overview (2nd February 2017)
The Housing Appeals Committee 2015/16 Annual Overview is now approved. It is a publicly accessible document available for download from their website. Read about their key statistics, social housing appeal trends and other performance outcomes achieved during the 2015/16 year. Access the report via direct link here

Housing Matters (30 January 2017)
The January edition of our newsletter is available here

Position Vacant with NSW Federation of Housing Associations: Administrative Officer (closes 13 Feb)

MEDIA RELEASE: Affordable housing a priority for new Premier (23 January 2017)
NSW Federation of Housing Associations today welcomed new Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s comments on the need for the government to do more to tackle housing affordability in Sydney and throughout New South Wales.

NSW Federation of Housing Association CEO Wendy Hayhurst agreed with Premier Berejiklian about the need to increase supply but said this was only part of the solution. “I congratulate Ms Berejiklian on her appointment as Premier and look forward to working with her to help address housing affordability,” Ms Hayhurst said. “I particularly welcome her comments about how she will seek external advice on the issue and is open minded as she looks for solutions". Read more...

Hoarding and Squalor Workshop- 24th March 2017 (18 January 2017)
A Hoarding and Squalor workshop for social housing providers will be run by the Centre for Training in Social Housing (CTSH) on Thursday 24th March.

Holiday Office Closure:
The Federation offices will be closed from 5pm 23rd December until Tuesday 3rd January 2017. We wish you all a very happy holiday season and New Year.

Housing Matters: December Edition (22 December 2016)
This month's newsletter is available here.

Federation Exchange
We are excited to present another program crammed with the latest news, developments and updates from within the sector. We welcome Kennedy Associates Architects, our NDIS network sponsor for this event. More Info...

MEDIA RELEASE: Inner West housing plan shows leadership for local communities (7 Dec 2016)
Proposals by the Inner West Council to introduce a 15 per cent affordable housing target on
large developments will help maintain a thriving inner city now community threatened by rising
rents and house prices, the state's peak community housing body said today.

ACTION: Help share the open letter to Prime Minister Turnbull
Don't cut Federal Homelessness funding. Today, we need you to spread the word that an unprecedented 209 community organisations are calling on the PM to urgently save NPAH Click here

MEDIA RELEASE: Treasurers take next step to unlock billions for affordable housing (3 Dec 2016)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations has welcomed the commitment by Australian
treasurers to move ahead with creating a new financial bond aggregator to enable large-scale
institutional investment in affordable housing.
Read more.

Housing Matters: November Edition (27 Nov 2016)
This month's newsletter is available here.

Affordable housing targets a life-line for Sydney families (21 November 2016)
The state's peak body for not for profit housing today welcomed the Greater Sydney
Commission's plans to nominate affordable housing on rezoned land across Sydney as part of
its vision for the city's future.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO, Wendy Hayhurst said the Commission's six
draft district plans released today propose 5-10% of extra new properties built when land is
rezoned for higher densities is set aside for affordable housing to be rented at below market
rates by households earning less than $67,000 a yea. Read more...

News article: Time for Meaningful Reforms for Housing Affordability(1st November 2016)
Wendy Hayhurst, CEO of NSW Federation of Housing Associations, calls for 100,000 new, affordable homes in 20 years: "we will be lobbying hard to ensure that the rules of any new system result in a meaningful reform and not just a grand-sounding but empty gesture." Read more...

Federation submission on FACS Discussion paper 'Foundations for Change- Homelessness in NSW' (31st October 2016)
The Federation supports the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) in its decision to develop a homelessness strategy for NSW, and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the consultation process. Underpinning our response is a belief that if we are to stem the increase in the number of people becoming homeless, we need to see the homelessness strategy integrated into a comprehensive NSW-wide housing plan that addresses the issues facing the whole housing system. Read our submission HERE

Housing Matters: October Edition (27 October 2016)
This month's newsletter is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Four in five call for government action on housing affordability (17 October 2016)
Four in five Australians believe governments need to intervene to make housing more affordable, according to new figures released today. An Essential Poll for the NSW Federation of Housing Associations shows that 78 per cent of Australians believe that the governments must step in to make housing more affordable.
Some 79 per cent of people support mandated affordable housing in every housing development, and 75 per cent of people agreed that social housing is a vital safety net for people who fall on hard times.
Read more HERE.
Read the Essential Report on the poll here

Housing transfers good news for tenants and community sector (6 October 2016)
The NSW government's announcement it will transfer management of 18,000 public housing
units to the community sector is good news that will allow for greater investment in
maintenance, tenant services and potentially more homes, the state's peak not for profit
housing body said today.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO, Wendy Hayhurst, said the new 20 year leases
would allow existing public housing tenants to access Commonwealth Rent Assistance for the
first time and give community housing providers the financial security to invest in more social
and affordable housing for people in need.

Housing Matters: September Edition
September's edition is available here

FEDERATION EXCHANGE (19 September 2016)
The Federation Exchange will bring more than a dozen networks into a quarterly two day event. The first Federation Exchange includes a collaborative forum on day one about Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW which is being run by FACS. Network members are welcome to attend the Future Direction sessions which we particularly recommend for CEOs and other senior staff members. The program includes several streams to cater for individual networks and some sessions will have broader appeal.
A link to the program can be found HERE.

Click HERE for more details on the event.

The Homelessness Strategy Discussion paper is HERE.

Scoping Training for Community Housing Asset Staff and Contractors – October 2016 (8 September 2016)
The Federation is coordinating multiple scoping training sessions in October 2016. This is a great opportunity for asset staff and contractors in the sector to be trained and certified to use the Housing NSW Asset Standards. At the end of this training, participants will be competent in and be able to apply:
•             Knowledge of the Housing NSW Asset Standards
•             Identifying Asset Types
•             Basic Provision Standards
•             Housing NSW’s Code of Conduct
•             Knowledge of building construction
•             Diagnostic and scoping skills

Click here for more information. Click here for the registration form.

Open Letter to the NSW Premier and to the Planning Minister (5 September 2016)
Dear Mr Baird and Mr Stokes,
At the recent 2016 Affordable Housing Conference there was consensus from the not for profit sector, property developers and the finance industry that further innovation is required from Government to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Sydney. This problem is, as we know, no longer confined to one group. Housing stress is now being felt now not just by the very needy but also increasingly by those higher up the income scale.

MEDIA RELEASE: Open letter to the NSW Premier on Sydney’s housing affordability (5 September 2016)
The state’s leading planning experts, housing and homeless peaks and property sector representatives have called on the NSW government to act now on housing affordability to ensure Sydney remains a livable city for key workers and people on low and moderate incomes. Read more...

Housing Matters: August Edition (29 August 2016)
This month's newsletter is available here.

Aboriginal Cultural Competency Standards Launch 10th August 2016 (9th August 2016)
The Federation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Aboriginal cultural competency standards - a self-assessment process for community housing providers.
The cultural competency standards are the result of a partnership between the sector, FACS, AHO and the Federation. They are presented as a self-assessment process so providers can review their current practice and plan for improvement.
The standards include examples of good and leading practice, key principles, prompt questions for each standard and a self-assessment matrix designed to promote discussion and valid self-assessment.
The Standards can be downloaded here. If you have any questions about them please contact adellh@communityhousing.org.au

2016 Affordable Housing Awards Dinner (4th August 2016)
Thank you to our 300 guests for making the event such a memorable evening. Congratulations to all the Award Winners in particular joint winners Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing for winning the NSW Community Housing Provider of the Year. Special congratulations to the dual winners of the The Nazha Saad Award for Women’s High Achievement in Housing 2016 Karen Andrew (Housing Plus) and Vivienne Milligan (UNSW). See the Award Winners here.

The Affordable Housing Financial Intermediary Paper (29 July 2016)
The paper is available here

Housing Matters: July Edition
This edition is available here

NSW needs more than 100,000 new homes needed to beat housing stress (29th July 2016)
NSW needs 100,000 new social and affordable homes over the next 20 years to prevent decade long waiting lists in much of the state from blowing out even further, according to a new report from the University of Sydney.

NSW Federation of Housing Association CEO Wendy Hayhurst said the analysis to be released today shows NSW must provide at least 4,900 new affordable homes a year until 2036 just to maintain current waiting lists. Read more...

Unlocking $1.5 trillion in superannuation funds for affordable housing (29 July 2016)
Unlocking superannuation funds for investment in new affordable housing is critical to addressing housing stress in Australia's capital cities and high need regional areas over the next decade, a major housing conference will hear in Sydney today (29 July). Read more...

Conference Program is now available! (26th July 2016)
The Conference Program for the 2016 Affordable Housing Conference on the 28th and 29th July this week, is now available. It promises to be an exciting and stimulating event for all. Read the program here.

How to create a Sydney where we all get along - Op Ed (20th July 2016)
"If Sydney's mixed communities are being dismantled by the housing market, so too could they be strengthened by interventions. But to the shame of the federal and state governments, neither have much to say about creating a diversity of housing to enable a mix of incomes - which in Sydney means a mix of nationalities - to live in all areas of the city." Read more

Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis (20th July 2016)
How much affordable housing do we need? Click HERE to view the basis for an estimated need of social housing dwellings in NSW over the next two decades. Housing needs paper was prepared by Dr Judy Yates (Honorary Associate, School of Economics, University of Sydney; Senior Visiting Fellow, City Futures, University of NSW).

MEDIA RELEASE: HILDA report highlights the need for innovative thinking on housing (20th July 2016)
NSW needs a new approach to housing affordability through measures such as shared ownership schemes, a 30 per cent affordable housing target and value capture schemes for major urban redevelopment precincts, the state's peak not for profit housing body said today.

The NSW Federation of Housing Associations said the latest HILDA data released today shows NSW has the lowest home ownership rates in the country, with young people and key workers such as nurses and childcare workers in Sydney at the epicenter of the affordability crisis. Read more...

MEDIA RELEASE: NSW shared homeownership scheme – a much needed pathway to housing affordability (19 July 2016)
A shared homeownership housing model developed developed by a coalition of NSW community housing associations and peak bodies could deliver a much needed pathway to housing affordability for people on-low-to-moderate incomes.

In a first for NSW, the scheme will enable homeowners to purchase between 25 to 80 percent of the value of the dwelling, with a not for profit community housing association as a nonresidential purchase partner. Read more...

Housing Matters June edition (29 June 2016)
This edition is available here

MEDIA RELEASE: Community housing welcomes Opposition proposals on housing affordability (28 June 2016)
The state's peak community housing body today backed calls for a state-wide affordable
housing target as a key part of planning reforms to address the state's housing crisis.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO Wendy Hayhurst congratulated the NSW
Opposition on releasing a housing affordability discussion paper that looks beyond increasing
housing supply as a solution for easing housing affordability. Read more...

MEDIA RELEASE: NSW must invest housing windfalls back into housing (22 June 2016)
The state's peak not-for-profit housing body today welcomed new funding for domestic violence homelessness in the NSW Budget but said it was disappointing there is no funding to address housing unaffordability for people struggling as a result of spiraling property prices.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO Wendy Hayhurst said funding for short-term support for people in crisis was good news but did not go far enough to address 10-year social housing waiting lists or the lack of options for people left behind by the real estate boom. Read more...

MEDIA RELEASE: Invest overseas buyer windfalls on affordable housing and crisis accommodation here at home: housing and homelessness peaks (16 Jun 2016)
Windfalls raised through new overseas investor surcharges should be invested back into affordable housing options for renters and homeless people at the pointy end of the NSW property boom, the state's peak community housing and homelessness bodies said today.More info

Housing Matters: May Edition (30 May 2016)
The May edition is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE: Salvation Army report a reminder action is needed on housing (25 May 2016)
Today's Salvation Army's report showing Sydney families are living on as little as $17 a day
after paying housing expenses is a stark reminder of why we need urgent action on housing
affordability, the state's peak not for profit housing body said today. More info


Vote Home, this election (20 May 2016)
Vote Home Alliance logo
A Vote Home is a vote for a national strategy to address housing affordability and a vote for all political parties to commit to end the housing crisis by 2025.
Whether it’s housing prices, the high cost of rents, the shortage of public and community housing, or programs to end homelessness, everyone deserves access to a place to call home.
With your support and enough political will, we can end both homelessness and the housing crisis. change.org/votehome_petition

VOTE Home Forum - Tuesday 7 June 2016 (9 am - 3 pm) Shelter NSW - more info

MEDIA RELEASE: Smart Cities opens the door for easing Sydney's housing crisis (29 April 2016)
The state's largest not-for-profit housing industry body has welcomed plans by the Federal
Government to provide better links between transport, jobs and affordable housing in its
Smart Cities plan to be released today.

Housing Matters: April Edition (28 April 2016)
The April edition is available here.

MEDIA RELEASE (21 April 2016)
Seriously Sydney, is a $1 million benchmark really good news?
News that Sydney's median house price has dropped just below $1 million when less than
one in five rental properties are affordable for working families earning the minimum wage
highlights the growing gap between home haves and have-nots in the Harbour city. Read more...

Anglicare reports shows hidden housing crisis beyond Sydney (21 April 2016)
Anglicare's Rental Affordability Snapshot reveals the shocking extent of the housing
affordability crisis in the Illawarra, the state's peak community housing body said today.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO Wendy Hayhurst, said findings released by
Anglicare today show all levels of government to act urgently to address the Illawarra's
worsening housing crisis for people struggling on income support and the minimum wage. Read more...

NDIS Housing: the Missing Piece: Workshop 2 May 2016 Sydney (8 April 2016)
People with a disability will have housing vouchers they can spend on new and existing housing from 1 July 2016. Between 500-900 properties are expected to be built every year for the next 8 years.

This workshop will detail how this new funding stream will operate. We will identify the housing development opportunities, likely demand issues and cash flow risks. Industry experts will present on how to best incorporate innovative and accessible design in new housing.

To register please click here

VIDEO: 'Destruction of the towers' on The Feed SBS 2 (31 March 2016)

This clip aired on Thursday March 10th, 2016 on SBS 2's program The Feed, discussing the impending destruction of six social housing towers in Waterloo and its impact on the Aboriginal community and tenants.
Wendy Hayhurst on the Feed

Housing Matters: March Edition (30 March 2016)
The March edition is available here.

New rail corridors must include affordable housing for key workers
(11 March 2016)
Any new train lines to Liverpool and Badgerys Creek must include well designed affordable housing along the new rail corridors to help low and middle income workers live and work in Western Sydney and ease Sydney's traffic congestion, the state's peak community housing body, said today. Read more...

Sydney Olympic Park and Bridge Housing build Affordable Homes for Athletes and Wider Community
(9 March 2016)
The Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) has embarked on an innovative partnership with community housing company Bridge Housing to ensure athletes, park workers and others in the local community can afford to live close to work in western Sydney.

Read the media release here.

MEDIA RELEASE (7 March 2016)
Results from of the latest City of Sydney Street Count showing record numbers of people living on the streets in inner Sydney highlights yet again the urgent need to address housing affordability in NSW.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO Wendy Hayhurst said the report from the City of Sydney Street Count released today show there were 486 rough sleepers in the City of Sydney LGA on February 23 – the highest figure in since the count began in 2010. Read more

Housing Matters: February Edition (26 February 2016)
The February edition is here.

2016 Affordable Housing Conference – Save the Date!
(25 February 2016)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW are jointly hosting the conference, with support from the University of Sydney (Urbanism Program).
The conference will be held at a prime CBD venue on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of July 2016.
The theme is: "What would it take to create 100,000 new affordable housing dwellings in NSW?"

Click here for more details

House Keys Operations Aggregate Report (2 February 2016)
The Federation has released the first aggregate report from House Keys: Operations.  The report provides information about the levels of tenant satisfaction, housing management and financial performance amongst the 37 CHPs that have participated in the industry’s own benchmarking system, House Keys.  Click here to view the report.  House Keys aggregate reports will be released annually and expanded over time.

MEDIA RELEASE (30 January 2016)
Housing fund good news but will meet just a fraction of demand
The Premier's commitment to establishing a $1.1billion investment fund that will help build at least 3000 affordable homes over the next few years is the first serious initiative to address housing affordability in NSW since the Commonwealth's 2008 National Rental Affordability Scheme, the state's peak not-for-profit housing body said today. Read more...

Housing Matters: January Edition
The January edition is available here

MEDIA RELEASE (25 January 2016)
Not- for-profit community sector to help transform social housing
The state's peak community housing body today welcomed NSW Government plans to
engage the non-government sector in delivering up to 23,000 new and replacement social
housing dwellings to address the chronic shortage of social and affordable housing in NSW.

Tenant Training, 15th March 2016 (18 January 2016)
Following interest from our Members, The Federation has organised a half day workshop to increase and improve the capacity of tenants to participate in their CHP. More info

Community Housing in NSW: Update on the state of the sector in 2015 (12 January 2016)
The NSW Federation of Housing Associations is pleased to launch the community housing sector's key performance data for 2015.  The data highlights the strength and capacity of the community housing industry. We can demonstrate to government and private sectors that the community housing sector is a strong, reliable and a sound investment for the future.

The Federation has prepared the data in an easy to read and shareable format available here.

Industry Capability Statements Launched
The Federation is proud to release two new industry capability statements and three case studies, which demonstrate the purpose and capability of NSW community housing providers. These resources were developed under the Industry Development Strategy, a joint project of the Department of Family and Community Services and the Federation, through a collaborative between the Federation's members and staff, staff of the Department and staff of the office of the Registrar of Community Housing.

The Community Housing Industry – delivering for NSW – expanded

The Community Housing Industry – delivering for NSW – concise

Case Study – Sapphire Coast Tenancy Scheme

Case Study – North Coast Community Housing


Case Study – Hume Housing

Further materials from the project are available to members.

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