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"Affordable housing is a good idea for our community - but who will manage it?"

Information for our future partners on how we can help you to provide affordable, appropriate and well managed housing in the community, for the community.

Housing associations are experienced partners. We can assist with joint venture developments, estate renewal and provide new perspectives on housing management.

The Federation also provides resources to associations to help them establish partnerships.  See our two new publications on private partnerships.

Our business is housing management

  1. Your local housing association can assist you with housing and tenancy management.
  2. We can help with joint ventures, tenancy management, head leasing and more.
  3. We are ready to work with local government and the private sector on housing projects.
  4. The keys to great housing management are in our hands.
  5. Find out how you can unlock local community potential and house local people.

Management services

Many local governments, church agencies and other organisations are interested in helping provide affordable housing, in their local area - but don't want to manage it themselves.

If tenancy management is not your core business, the risks of doing your own management should not be underestimated.

Should you take on management? Can the private sector provide the solution? What control will you have over outcomes?

There is an alternative. NSW housing associations are expert housing managers who specialise in housing for low and moderate income earners.

Developing new housing

Over the past few years, both State and Commonwealth governments have introduced programs of investment or subsidies to encourage the development of new supples of affordable housing partly financed through private debt as equity. In NSW, the first of those was the Debt Equity program to support housing associations to develop new affordable housing using a mix of government investment, debt and investment by the association or partners like local government or other agencies.  Since then the Commonwealth has introduced The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) to reduce the cost of investment in affordable housing. Such projects could also involve a partnership with a developer to deliver a mix of market and affordable housing outcomes.  Information about affordable housing programs can be found on the Centre for Affordable Housing Website.

The Centre for Affordable Housing was established to help build support partnerships and models for the delivery of affordable housing.


As well as these partnership opportunities there are now two major Public Private Partnerships involving community housing providers, to redevelop public housing estates.

Bonnyrigg Living Communities Project

Airds Bradbury Renewal Project

Support partnerships

Housing associations work in partnership with a range of support providers to provide housing for tenants with specific needs who require support to maintain their tenancy.  These support partnerships may be for people who have been homeless, with support being provided by agencies funded through the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP), or mental health through programs like the Housing and Support Initiative (HASI).

Housing associations not only provide a secure housing option, but a more supportive and interactive style of housing management to complement the work of the support provider.What do we bring to a partnership?

Housing Associations

Housing associations provide housing to low and moderate income earners across the State. Housing associations are the social housing landlord of choice for our tenants. 

Housing associations boards contain the very best of local expertise in housing and community business management. Community workers, other community agencies, local government councillors & staff, lawyers and tenants pitch in to make sure that our housing meets the needs of the community. 

Our future depends on our accountability and relevance to all our stakeholders. Housing associations have a big job already - and they're ready to meet the challenges of affordable housing. See Directory of housing associations.

Community based

Our links to our local communities are important to us, to our tenants and to the communities we serve. Housing associations emerged because communities wanted to address housing issues in a way that few other providers could. Housing associations know about local housing needs and how to meet them - because that is our business.

Sustained growth

Housing associations have grown quickly. Over the last ten years our portfolio has grown by 300% in size and, collectively, housing associations manage almost 30,000 properties in NSW. We've risen to the challenges and grown at a pace that most for-profit businesses would be proud to claim.

Delivering services to tenants

Community housing tenants report high levels of satisfaction in our housing services. Housing association's track record speaks for itself and we're proud of our achievements. A real interest in our tenants and their issues is our key to good management. We've developed innovative ways of helping our tenants to meet their obligations - and they work!

Managing housing

There's more to housing than just tenancy management. The assets themselves need to be managed. Responsive and planned maintenance is an important part of housing management.

One of our real strengths in asset management has been in our use of leasehold properties. a leasehold property that performs badly, isn't maintained by the owner or is 'hard to let' doesn't stay in our portfolio for very long! Housing associations have a knowledge of the private rental market that is unparalleled. No-one does it like we do!

Your assurance of quality

All housing associations are registered by government and their ongoing performance is regulated to identify and respond to any emerging business risks.

Most associations are fully accredited.  The National Community Housing Standards ensure that housing associations deliver quality assured services to tenants and applicants, at the same time as meeting or exceeding a range of other business quality standards.

The standards are backed by comprehensive training and support form the NSW Federation of Housing Associations.


We believe that our clients and our communities are our top priorities. As community managed organisations we aim to:

  1. Assist people to solve their housing difficulties by providing quality, low cost and affordable housing solutions;
  2. Be responsive to local needs;
  3. Promote tenant involvement;
  4. Achieve the highest standards for accountability, efficiency and community service



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