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The community housing sector is committed to providing effective routes for tenants and applicants to be able to resolve any problems that they have with their housing association. 

If tenants or applicants have a complaint or a decision they wish to appeal about they must first go through their own housing association’s complaints or appeal procedure. 

If this does not resolve the issue, there are a number of further routes to pursue:

The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC)

The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) is an independent agency who can review decisions of social housing providers.  The HAC reviews decisions to see if they are fair, reasonable and made within the policy of the housing provider.

You must go through the housing association’s internal appeals processes before appealing to the HAC.
The HAC can recommend changes to the decision of housing providers. 

What can I appeal about to the Housing Appeals Committee?

  • APPLICANTS - Most issues related to eligibility to be on waiting lists, priority on those lists and the provision of other services, e.g. emergency housing.
  • TENANTS - Most issues related to transfer, disability modifications of dwellings, succession of tenancy, calculation of rental subsidy. If an issue comes under Residential Tenancies Legislation it is dealt with by the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (formerly the Residential Tribunal

Community Housing Division

Complaints about Housing Associations can also be made to the Community Housing Division

The Community Housing Division is the business unit of Housing NSW that funds and regulates community housing in NSW. 

Complaints may be made to the Community Housing Division about any of the following:

  • A community housing organisation or a resourcing agency (including conduct of staff, policies, procedures and processes, decisions, the board or employees).
  • The Office of Community Housing, its policies, practices or decisions.
  • The conduct of a staff member of the Office of Community Housing.
  • Another Government Department (in relation to the provision of community housing).


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