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cmty bldg Doing community building   - A resource for housing associations

Purpose of the resource

The resource is intended as a practical guide to conducting community building in the local community. It is designed to assist housing associations to understand what is required to undertake community building activities.

One focus will be community building initiatives often related to, or arising from, social housing estates. But not all housing associations hold stock in a public housing estate or even have one in their local area. They may nonetheless be undertaking community building activities through their approach to engaging and working with the tenant and wider community.

The resource seeks to assist these providers in further understanding how they might contribute to community building. Overall, it aims to assist housing associations to further understand the role they can play in community building by identifying:

• the issues that they might try to address through community building activities;
• the approaches that are usually employed to address them; and
• the capacities and resources needed to undertake these activities.


While tenant participation and support for the tenant community has long been a core value of community housing. Over the past few years, more explicit community building, both with tenants and the community of which they are a part, has become increasingly important.

Potential commercial partners have identified community building in mixed tenure developments as one of the main areas of added value they look for in partnering with a housing association to redevelop and manage housing estates.

For developers, emerging areas of business such as delivery of large scale affordable housing initiatives and the redevelopment of public housing estates have highlighted the need to engage with the local community and to address perceived or real social problems.

The resource therefore aims to build on the work previously undertaken by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations by providing a practical resource that identifies what approaches can be undertaken in pursuing community building objectives.

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grp structures Considering group structure options  - A resource for housing associations

The purpose of this publication is to provide a resource for housing associations to refer to so they can better understand different group structures, the ways they are formed, and the potential costs and benefits of doing so.

It is particularly targeted to organisations considering collaborating with other organisations in order to improve efficiency and/or outcomes for tenants and/or, other benefits. The resource can assist these organisations to be able to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to enter or form a group structure and if so, what options they have.

There are now a range of new opportunities for community housing organisations to grow and take on new affordable housing business. Some associations looking to take advantage of these opportunities may consider new collaborative group structures with other associations as one of the options available to them.

This resource identifies the range of group structures, outlines the mechanisms that establish them and discusses costs and benefits of group structures. It looks at:

• Partnerships and unincorporated joint ventures
• Sub-contractor/contractual relations
• Trusts
• Consortia
• Corporate groups

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partnerships 1 Housing Association Resource for Large Scale Partnerships with the Private Sector

This resource is designed to be used in conjunction with the Federation's "Partnerships with the private sector - toolkit" (see below), which looks at the issues to consider before entering partnerships with businesses at all levels.  

The purpose of this resource is to enable housing associations:

  • to understand the reasons for seeking to enter into large-scale commercial relationships
  • to appreciate what is required for such partnerships to be successful
  • to assess their own readiness to enter into such partnerships with confidence.

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partnerships2 Partnerships with the private sector - A toolkit for housing associations

This toolkit is a practical guide to assessing the implications of entering a partnership with a private sector organisation for the delivery of affordable or social housing.

The kit is designed to help associations evaluate the viability of new business opportunities, and the risks associated with them.  it focuses particularly on commercial partnerships with local developers and/or local government authorities to develop, and manage, affordable housing.

The kit aims to give housing associations:

  • an understanding of what they need to do to prepare their organisations for commercial partnership
  • the tools for assessing whether to enter a particular commercial partnership
  • a step-by-step guide through the process of considering, preparing for, and entering into a commercial partnership.

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