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The NSW Federation of Housing Associations produces a bi-monthly newsletter, Housing Matters, publications to support good practice, training materials, and a range of discussion papers, policy papers and information about community housing. See below for a list of Federation publications 

For copies of Federation reports including a range of discussion papers, policy papers, research reports, submissions, and reports from various events, please see Reports.

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Presentations from the Industry Forum: Housing and Disability
Community Housing Tenancy Management Good Practice Guides
Change Management Good Practice Guide
Housing Hints
Lettings Pack
New Business Resources
Playing a role in locally based economic development
Corporate Governance Good Practice Guides
Tenant Participation Good Practice Guide
Aboriginal Traineeships
Housing Matters Newsletter
Federation tenant satisfaction benchmarking report
Community Housing engagement with the private rental market
Rent Models in Community Housing discussion paper
How community housing providers can deliver best value from the Social and Affordable Investment Fund discussion paper

Strategic Commissioning Report

In 2017, Federation members collectively funded work by SGS Economics to look at what an effective way of commissioning housing might look like. This was in response to concerns about the way in which new housing delivery has been procured by government and focuses on the importance of planning an integrated commissioning approach based on robust housing needs assessment, aligned policy outcomes and the optimisation of investment. Many NSW Government agencies were involved in developing the final report, attending workshops and in the case of Urban Growth (now Landcom) rethinking their approach to the procurement of community housing providers. The final report can be found here

Industry Forum: Housing and Disability

NDIS Design and Transition: Powerpoint presentation delivered by Brian Woods. Download here

NDIS (PDF) by Bruce Bonyhady, Chairman of National Disability Insurance Agency. Download here

Funding Models and Financing for Housing support under the NDIS (PDF) by Deloitte Access Economics. Download here.

NDIS and Housing Dynamics: Powerpoint presentation delivered by Sue Dark, Compass Housing. Download here

The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Powerpoint presentation delivered by Bruce Bonyhady, National Disability Insurance Agency. Download here

Federation NDIS Network: Powerpoint presentation delivered by Wendy Hayhurst, NSW FHA. Download here

Community Housing Industry Readiness for the NDIS: Discussion paper prepared by Michael Smith, on behalf of NSW FHA. Download here


Housing Management Good Practice Guides

NSWFHA first published a series of Good Practice Guides for NSW community housing providers in 1999. The principles of tenancy management and policies and procedures in the Guides reflected emerging good practice in the sector. While legislation and government regulation has changed in the last ten years and sector practice has matured, good practice in tenancy management has continued as a key strength in community housing provision.
Seven tenancy management guides have been revised for currency and republished. Principles for good practice are covered, and sample policies and procedures are available at the end of each guide.

The Housing management good practice guides were revised prior to the current changes to the RTA. As they are no longer up to date for legal reasons we will no longer sell them. If you would like a set to use as a guide only, we can send for $15 postage and handling.

Good Practice Guide 1
Code of Ethical Conduct

A Code of Ethical Conduct sets out in simple terms the ethical responsibility of each person in your community housing organisation. A model code of ethical conduct is included in this Good practice Guide


GPG1 cover

GPG2 cover

Good Practice Guides: 2, 3, 4
Housing Access

How decisions are made in relation to access to the finite resource that is social housing is critical. These three Good Practice Guides cover good practice in relation to Housing Access ie. Handling Applications and waiting lists (GPG 2) Prioritising applications for housing (GPG 3) and Allocations - matching people to houses (GPG 4).


Good Practice Guides: 5, 6, 7
Managing Tenancies

Providing a sustainable tenancy and managing complex needs requires a supporting framework for tenancy management. These three Good Practice Guides cover good practice in relation to managing tenancies. This includes Starting a Tenancy (GPG 5) Managing a tenancy (GPG 6) and Ending a tenancy (GPG 7).


Change Management Good Practice Guide
change mgt

A guide on dealiing with organisational change including some of the practical considerations, appraoches and tools - (June 2009)

Cost: $22 (Full member) $28 (Affiliate) $30 (Associate /Non-Member) plus postage.


buspack New business pack for housing associations - Resources for new areas of business in community housing

A new package of resources is now available to assist housing associations to better understand and prepare for emerging areas of business in community housing such as affordable housing provision and community building activities. These publications will ensure informed decision making should organisations wish to pursue these options.

Resources in the package focus on four areas of operations that support new opportunities. They are intended to build understanding of what managers and directors of associations need to consider in relation to partnerships, large-scale partnerships, group structures, community building activities and finance.
Each guide was developed and written in consultation with a sector project reference group by Andrew Meehan, senior policy officer at NSWFHA.

Full set not available in hard copy - one publication is out of stock

Cost for the full set of 5 resources with binder: $110 (Full member); $140 (Affiliate): $150 (Assoc/non-members); plus postage and handling $10.

New finance - A resource for housing associations (August 2008)
Provides essential information about the range of financing options available for community housing providers to work with private financing. This resource covers financing options for development projects, requirements of financing, project limitations and opportunities created by tax treatment of charities.

new finance

Considering group structure options - A resource for housing associations (May 2008)
Identifies the range of group structures, outlines the mechanisms that establish them and discusses costs and benefits of group structures. A key resource for organisations considering collaborating with other organisations to improve tenant outcomes and efficiencies. more info

grp structures

Doing community building - A resource for housing associations (July 2008)
A practical guide to conducting community building in the local community. This resource will assist organisations to understand whats required to play a role in community building, particularly in relation to social housing estates. more info

cmty building
Partnerships with the private sector - A toolkit for housing associations (November 2006)
A practical guide to assessing the implications of entering a partnership with a private sector organisation for the delivery of affordable or social housing. Covers working relationships with the private sector, preparatory steps and key issues for entering a commercial partnership, and building a business case. more info
(currently out of stock - available in pdf format at half cost.)
Housing Association Resource for Large scale partnerships with the private sector
(November 2006)
Designed to be used in conjunction with NSWFHA Partnerships with the private sector toolkit, this resource looks at the issues to consider before entering large scale partnerships with businesses at all levels. Essentail reading for any community housing provider executive and board member. more info
Resources can be purchased individually - cost per resource: $22 (Full member); $28 (Affiliate); $30 Assoc/non-member) plus postage.

Playing a role in locally based economic development - A resource for housing associations (2009)

The purpose of this resource is to help build the capacity of housing associations to take on a more active role in the local economy. It will assist providers to help facilitate greater economic participation of tenants through, for example, the establishment of tenant micro-enterprises or social enterprises. It will also assist providers looking at creating pathways for tenants to economic participation through training and employment initiatives.

Cost: $16 (Full member); $18 (Affiliate); $20 (Associate /Non-Member)
plus postage and handling - $5 for up to 3 guides, and $10 for over 3.

Community Housing
Corporate Governance Good Practice Guides (1-3)

The Federation has updated its governance good practice guides and has given them a strong governance, risk and compliance focus.  The governance, risk and compliance (GRC) series is made up of three good practice guides and a range of supporting tools and templates. 


Good Practice Guide 1
Corporate Governance: Effective boards

Good practice guide one: Effective boards is an overview of effective corporate governance for the housing association sector.  It covers frameworks for good corporate governance including the ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles of Good Corporate Governance, effective corporate governance models, skills based boards, boards and directors’ responsibilities and much more. 

Deborah Georgiou Governance Good Practice Guide 2: Effective Compliance, Reporting and performance monitoring (2011)

This good practice guide provides an overview of the features of effective reporting and monitoring and tools to assist boards to develop systems and practices to improve their
management of performance. This edition also includes a focus on compliance, particularly under the Regulatory Code.

Governance Good Practice Guide 3: Risk Management (2006)

A key resource for risk management planning and effective risk monitoring approaches.
Written specifically for the community housing provider context, the guide includes a risk management plan template available in both hard and soft copy. (Revised guide due June 2011)
Cost per guide: $22 (Full member) $28 (Affiliate) $30 (Associate /Non-Member) plus postage and handling: $5 for up to 3 guides and $10 for over 3.

tp gpg

Tenant Participation Good Practice Guide 2008

The tenant participation Good Practice Guide provides practical guidance on how to involve tenants to build stronger communities and deliver better services. The guide has been written by Adam West who has extensive first hand experience in working with tenants in the UK and NSW.

This good practice guide examines what genuine tenant participation is and the barriers that prevent tenants getting involved in their organisations and communities. It describes inspirational examples of tenant participation from NSW and internationally and provides readers with a tenant participation ‘toolbox’ full of suggestions for new ways of involving people.

The guide also includes sections on tenant participation in a growing community housing sector, on rural and regional tenant participation and information on the most frequently used methods of tenant participation including Tenant Advisory Groups and tenant planning days.

Cost per guide: $22 (Full member) $28 (Affiliate) $30 (Associate /Non-Member) plus postage and handling: $5 for up to 3 guides and $10 for over 3.



Aboriginal Traineeships

(Please note, the Aboriginal traineeships documents are currently being reviewed and updated and for further information please email to Publications@communityhousing.org.au)

NSW Federation of Housing Associations is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal workers in community housing.   One strategy is via a traineeship for an Aboriginal worker.

An information kit for employers is now available to assist the sector to understand requirements for employing a trainee.

The Social Housing Employers Information Booklet assists community housing providers with information regarding Aboriginal traineeships and what an employer of a registered trainee in social housing needs to know including:

  • how to recruit an Aboriginal trainee
  • resources to support the traineeship
  • support and mentoring for the new trainee 

Information for New Trainees provides a guide for a new trainee information regarding traineeship and off the job training in the Certificate IV in Social Housing with the Federation.

Social Housing Employers Information Booklet
(download pdf)

Information for New Trainees
(download pdf)

HM Housing Matters newsletter

Housing Matters is the newsletter of the nsw Federation of Housing Associations. Produced every two months, the newsletter reports on current events in the NSW community and social hosuing sector . Keep abreast with the news and subscribe !

Federation members receive a free annual subscription to Housing Matters newsletter. Additional subscriptions are $55 per year for members (or half price for Association board members, $27.50 each) Non member subscriptions are $66 per year for six isses. Back copies are available on request for $10 per issue.

Dec 2011 - Volume 17, Issue 1
Nov 2010
- Volume 16, Issue 3
July 2010
- Volume 16, Issue 2
April 2010
- Volume 16, Issue 1
July 2009
- Volume 15, Issue 2
February 2009
- Volume 15, Issue 1
December 2008 - Volume 14, Issue 5
October 2008
- Volume 14, issue 4
August 2008 - Volume 14, issue 3
June 2008 - Volume 14, issue 2
March 2008
- Volume 14, issue 1
September 2007
-Volume 13, Issue 5
August 2007
- Volume 13, Issue 4
May 2007 - Volume 13, Issue 3
March 2007  - Volume 13, Issue 2
January 2007   - Volume 13, Issue 1

Federation e-bulletins Directors Network e-bulletins

Jan 12 No 1 - Media and communications training seminar

Jan 12 No 2 - Residential Tenancies Act Seminar – emerging issues for social housing

Jan 12 No 3 - Submission on the draft legislation and Regulatory Impact Statement for a National Regulatory System for community housing

Feb 12 No 1 - Fair Work Australia orders pay increase for community sector

Feb 12 No 2 - Equal Pay Ruling - Implications for community housing providers

Feb 12 No 3 - Community Housing Workforce Report 2011

Mar 12 No 1 - Changes to the Gillard Ministry

Mar 12 No 2 - Asset managers’ online forum launched today

Mar 12 No 3 - Launch of individual workforce benchmark reports

Apr 12 No 1 - Development Network Meeting, 24th April

Apr 12 No 2 - Proposed Start for Taxation of Some Unrelated Business Income of Charities Delayed for 12 Months

May 12 No 1 -Community engagement resource released

June 12 No 1 – Housing Supply and Affordability

June 12 No 2- Remembering Frank Walker 1942-2012

July 12 No 1- The ACNC Exposure Draft Bills open for comment

July 12 No 2- 2012 Homeless Persons Week Calendar of events

August 12 No 1- 2013 Conference

August 12 No 2- Scoping Training

August 12 No 3- Federation launches best practice tenant satisfaction survey

September 12 No 1- Federation supports the community sector campaign for investment in homelessness services

September 12 No 2- Training Opportunities

September 12 No 3- Federation Conference Update

September 12 No 4- Water Uses Charges & Water charges Policy

October 12 No 1- Working on Estates

October 12 No 2- Mental Health and Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

October 12 No 3- Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 2012

March 22 No 1- Federation announces professional development seminar

April 13 No 1- Sustaining Tenancies seminar

April 13 No 2- WHS Seminar

April 13 No 3- Asset Managers' Event

May 13 No 1- Aboriginal Employment seminar

May 13 No 2-Changes to Improving Services to Aboriginal People seminar

May 13 No 3-Privacy seminar

June 13 No 1- NSW Budget

June 13 No 2- Vacant bedroom charge

July 13 No 1-NSW Government commits to the NRAS Round 5

Dec 11 No 1 -Special briefing on new WHS laws for communityhousing directors and officers

May 12 No 1 - New partnership to support sector development

Other Items produced by the Federation
Poster Mission Statement - view poster
Book Shelter From the Storm: Bryan Brown, Samoan Chieftains and the little matter of a roof over our heads (BOOK) - 1999
View Summary

This item is out of print To purchase an ebook:

Federation tenant satisfaction benchmarking report

The Federation has produced a tenant satisfaction benchmarking report based on the 13 tenant satisfaction surveys undertaken by the Federation during the 2013/14 financial year.

Overall the results are very positive results for the industry with an average 84% overall satisfaction level and one CHP reaching 93%.

The benchmarking report can be downloaded here.

For more information about the tenant satisfaction survey and benchmarking service please phone Terry Jones 9281 7144 ext. 203 or email terryj@communityhousing.org.au

Community Housing engagement with the private rental market

The Federation recently completed a research report that documents the various ways in which community housing engages with the private rental market to secure and increase the supply of low cost rental housing.

The report highlights the importance of professional and effective relationships between community housing and the private rental market. These relationships become even more important in a housing environment dominated by extreme housing unaffordability and the overall scarcity of low cost rental housing. In many cases it is because of the mutual trust and existing relationships between the two industries that social housing tenants are able to access the private rental market either through brokerage or subsidised housing.

In consultation with the industry the research also identified directions for further policy development needed to leverage the industry innovation to enable much greater provision of low cost housing.

Rent Models in Community Housing discussion paper

The Federation has prepared a discussion paper on rent models in social housing with the aim of facilitating discussion on rent setting. The paper documents current models and identifies and explores issues arising such as the affordability of rent for tenants, the effects of rent on the viability of community housing providers, and the risk of workforce disincentives in some rent models.


All training materials produced by NSWFHA are copyrighted, but are available for licensing or purchase through AESharenet. To find NSWFHA materials - go to www.aesharenet.com.au and type "social housing" in the search field.

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