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Industry Development Strategy

NSW Community Housing Industry Development Strategy 2013/14- 2015/16 (PDF) is a joint initiative of FACS Housing NSW and the NSW Federation of Housing Associations.

The aim of the Industry Development Strategy is to support the industry to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the emerging environment. Three objectives support this aim, these are to:

  • Enhance community housing providers’ capacity for growth, business development and diversification, including through partnering
  • Enhance community housing providers’ capacity to continue to deliver quality outcomes and demonstrate performance
  • Enhance the capacity of industry stakeholders including investors and funding bodies, to effectively support development of the community housing industry

The Strategy is being implemented through a three year program of projects. Projects may be completed within a single financial year or over multiple years. Nine projects for 2013/14 have commenced and are being led by FACS Housing NSW and the Federation. Information about the projects is at project list (PDF).

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