How to enrol:

To enrol in our training, you will need to complete an enrolment form and a Unit Selection form.

Note that we take enrolments at any time during the year

We encourage you to read the Learner Handbook prior to enrolment. The handbook has extensive information about how we train and assess, the level of support we can provide, cancellations. RPL, bridging assessments, Credit Transfers and more general information.

For the 2018 Enrolment Form click here

As part of your enrolment you will also be asked to select your units to study wish you would do

For the 2018 Certificate IV in Social Housing Unit selection form click here

For the 2018 Diploma of Community Services Unit selection form click here

Training Plans

Our Trainers are here to help you navigate the training we have on offer – we can prepare a training plan for you which helps you to track what training you are doing and whether you are doing some RPL or possibly bridging assessments. Ask about our training plans when you enrol