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These resources have been designed to assist community housing providers to communicate more effectively with stakeholders, including via the media. Using these tools will help your organisation to decide on your key messages and identify a wide range of ways to communicate with your audiences. Organisations will be better able to promote your own activities, as well as the community housing sector as a whole, and to respond confidently to media issues.

Developing A Communication Strategy describes how to plan the full spectrum of your communication activities. It is accompanied by a Template Communications Strategy which you may use or adapt to your organisation. The Sample Communications Strategy provides an illustration of how the template can be used.

For advice on communicating via the media refer to Media Liaison. This sets out some of the tools, skills and knowledge you may need to develop your stories or respond to media inquiries, including developing a media release. There is also a Template Media Release which you may adapt to suit your organisation and your story, as well as a Sample Media Alert.

Being Interviewed provides specific advice on preparing for media interviews.

The Case Study provides an illustration of issues management in action, based on an actual media issue addressed by a community housing provider.

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1. ADVICE NOTE: Developing a Communications Strategy

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1.1 TEMPLATE: Communications Strategy

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1.2 SAMPLE: Communications Strategy

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2. ADVICE NOTE: Media Liaison

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2.1 TEMPLATE: Media Release

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2.2 SAMPLE: Media Alert

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2.3 CASE STUDY: Issues Management

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3. ADVICE NOTE: Being Interviewed

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