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The Federation carefully selects preferred partners for their expertise and their ability to support the industry's growth and development.



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CompliSpace is a leading provider of tailored governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) content, services and solutions to organisations across Australia. Our tailored policy content is delivered via a cost effective, technology-enabled system which, combined with our skills in organisational content integration, enables GRC to come to life in your organisation.

CompliSpace has developed a fully integrated policy management and assurance system with content modules specifically tailored for compliance requirements from the National Regulatory System so community housing providers in all states can benefit from our tailored GRC framework.

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Shirley Liew Probus Advisory


The Federation has partnered with Shirley Liew, Probus Advisory Services, to provide ommunity housing organisations with a number of specifically tailored services including:

  • Strategic CFO services covering financial management and performance improvement;
  • Business optimisation advisory including growth management strategies; and
  • Risk Planning and Workshop Facilitation, risk assessment and identification and preparation of risk management plans
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Voice Project


Voice Project has developed a Community Housing Staff Engagement Survey. The aim of this survey is to provide a low cost but tailored and consistent approach to measuring staff engagement for all community housing service providers. Voice Project is providing essential staff engagement benchmarking data back to the community housing industry.   The long term goal of this survey is to improve the attraction and retention of the workforce within community housing.

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