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Staff engagement in community housing - baseline benchmark report


The inaugural 2014 State of the Sector report, produced by Voice Project in partnership with Blooming HR and NSW Federation of Housing Associations, aims to provide a baseline benchmark for staff engagement within the Community Housing sector. This report presents the aggregate results from 8 community housing providers (CHPs) who have recently conducted an employee engagement survey. 

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The Federation's tenant satisfaction survey service


The Federation offers a high quality, professional and independent tenant satisfaction survey and benchmarking service.

The survey is based on extensive work with the industry, including tenants. It uses international best practice plus meets all the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) requirements.

Our tenant satisfaction benchmarking service is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in Australia.

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House Key Operations Aggregate Report final 2015 release v2


The Federation has released the first aggregate report from House Keys: Operations.  The report provides information about the levels of tenant satisfaction, housing management and financial performance amongst the 37 CHPs that have participated in the industry’s own benchmarking system, House Keys.  Click here to view the report.  House Keys aggregate reports will be release annually and expanded over time.

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