Federation Exchange

One of the Federation’s key roles is to facilitate knowledge sharing between our members and to assist community housing providers to develop the quality of their services and the skills in their organisations. To assist with this, the Federation hosts quarterly networking events titled ‘Federation Exchange’ where members share expertise, good practice and discuss emerging issues. The Federation also invites expert voices to share information on the latest research. The Federation Exchange is structured around the following networks:

Planning Network facilitated by urban planning and housing specialist Rebecca Richardson (Urbanista)

Community housing providers are currently and successfully providing affordable housing across NSW. This Network is focussed on how community housing providers navigate the NSW planning framework to deliver housing. Members share their experiences, valuable knowledge and insights to help improve the effectiveness of the community housing industry.

Financial Officers’ Network facilitated by finance expert Carrie Hamilton (Housing Action Network)

This Network assists finance officers to stay informed of the latest news, trends and regulations that affect financial officers and other senior financial managers. The Network allows members to share experience about day-to-day business; financial and accounting treatment matters; management of financial and associated risks and systems design. Also canvassed are broader government and industry proposals ensuring financial perspectives are acknowledged.

  • Asset & Development Managers’ Network
  • Middle Managers’ Network facilitated by Jennifer Townsend
  • HR Network facilitated by Kevin Saide
  • Community Development Workers’ Network facilitated by Leoni Lynch
  • NDIS Network facilitated by Mike Allen
  • Community Housing Tenants’ Network
  • CEOs’ Network