Housing Matters January 2020

CEO Message

Welcome to our first edition of Housing Matters for 2020.

In what promises to be an exciting and important year for our sector, we are looking forward to working with our members and stakeholders to build an even stronger community housing sector.

New developments will be a key focus of CHIA’s Community Housing Conference across March 31st to April 1st. Our theme’s for the year’s conference is Community. Growth. Opportunity.

This will be an important time for NSW Community Housing Providers, industry leaders and State and Local Government representatives to meet and discuss how we can build our sector in 2020.

We welcome all industry partners and interested stakeholders to register and take part in CHIA’s major gathering for the year.

We’re also glad to be organising the first NSW Aboriginal Housing Caucus for 2020 as part of the Community Housing Conference. This will be a vital event tailored specifically for the interests of Aboriginal Community Housing providers, staff and supporters . Stakeholders and partners working in the Aboriginal Housing space in NSW are also welcome to attend this important event.

Also in this edition are updates on Round 5 House Keys findings, the Landcom Affordable Housing Prequalification Scheme, and notes on the activities of the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation.

We hope you enjoy this edition and we look forward to working in partnership with you through 2020.

February 2020 Centre for Training in Social Housing enrolments are now open

For classes commencing in Feb 2020, Centre for Training in Social Housing enrolments are now open.

The CHC42215 Certificate IV in Social Housing and the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services are both available for enrolments.

Prospective students may be eligible to apply for the NSW Smart and Skilled Subsidy. For more information please click here.

If you wish to enrol in a course please contact us at [email protected]

Our courses have been contextualised to meet the needs of community housing providers and the Specialist Homelessness Services.

This includes the rising demand for units on mental health, domestic and family violence and behaviours of concern. Training on NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal also remains one of the units in highest demand.

CHIA’s Community Housing Conference 2020 will take place from March 31st to April 1st – Early Bird Registrations are now open

Community Housing experts, practitioners, government partners, and others will meet to discuss how we develop our sector at CHIA’s Community Housing Conference 2020.

You can take advantage of Early Bird ticket prices before 21st February 2020, by registering through this link.

The theme of this year’s conference is Community. Growth. Opportunity.

Announcing the NSW Aboriginal Housing Caucus 2020 – Registrations are now open

We’re excited to announce the NSW Aboriginal Housing Caucus to take place on Thursday, 2nd April, 2020 as part of Community Housing 2020.

You can register for the Caucus by clicking here and access more details by clicking here.

The themes for the Caucus will be Innovate. Collaborate. Create.

Round 5 of House Keys: Operations has been released

Round 5 of House Keys: Operations was released to participants was released in December 2019.

Here is some of the critical information about the Round 5 survey:

• Participant numbers rose to 39 from 36 participants previously.
• For the first time, WA Community Housing Providers (CHPs) were able to participate alongside NSW, SA, and QLD CHPs through inclusion of their financial performance data.
• For the first time, the Social Housing Management Transfer (SHMT) filter allowed NSW providers to quickly compare results against other SHMT providers.

Here is some of the headline data on our sectors high performance from the sector:

(Comparisons are Round 5 House Keys data with previous Round 4 House Keys data)

• Increase in number of tenants satisfied with housing services – 87.18% up from 87.06%
• Very small decline in occupancy rate – 97.47% down from 97.74%.
• Rent outstanding increased slightly – 1.58% up from 1.35%.
• Increase in tenant satisfaction with property condition – 87.44% up from 86.84%
• Increase in percentage of urgent repairs completed within jurisdictional limits – 95.37% up from 93.11%
• Decline in employee expenses/total income – 13.64% down from 15.49%.
• Participating CHPs are spending 15.36% of their core social housing activities on individual tenant support and additional tenant and community services

In addition to these findings, CHIA NSW is also working on improved survey timings with Community Housing Providers and government bodies to ensure Round 6 of House Keys can be delivered in a shorter time frame than previous rounds.

House Keys is the community housing industry’s own benchmarking platform and it allows CHPs to make improvements by comparing their performance against a number of industry relevant comparators. 

Are your details up to date for the Landcom Affordable Housing Prequalification Scheme?

Community Housing Providers are encouraged to ensure their contact details are current for the Affordable Housing Prequalification Scheme.

The Affordable Housing Prequalification Scheme is utilised by Landcom to determine Tender/Expression of Interest invitations for their Affordable Housing projects.

The Scheme gathers information about registered Community Housing Providers and is used by any private or government organisation wanting to procure affordable housing development and/or management services from suitable Community Housing Providers in an easily accessible, online location.

Registered providers are requested to Login to the eTendering website and ensure contact details are current so that procurers can get in touch easily.

To do so simply:

• login to the eTendering website at https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/
• click on your name at the top right of the page, ‘Scheme Applications’, ‘View/Modify Application’ and then ‘Edit Office Details’.
• PLEASE NOTE: If your email address needs to be updated, you will need to register your new email address on eTendering and then email [email protected] asking for a change of scheme ownership. They can make the update for you. Landcom recommends you use a generic organisation email rather than an individual staff member’s email.

If you would like more information about the scheme or you would like to register your organisation, you can locate the scheme on the eTendering website using ID SCM4421.

National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) – January 2020 update

NHFIC’s Financial Model – CHIA Workshops

CHIA National and NHFIC are holding workshops designed to assist CHPs to apply for NHFIC finance. The workshops are purely for CHPs and will cover NHFIC’s new financial model and how to apply for funding under the Capacity Building program.

Sydney: 18 February 2020, 10am-1pm (Currently at capacity)

Melbourne: 25 February 2020, 1pm-5pm

Brisbane: 5 March 2020, 11am-3pm

The Sydney workshop is currently at capacity, but if you are a CHP interested in attending this workshop remotely please email [email protected]. A dial-in option may be available to be arranged.

Workshop Part 1: A refresher session on NHFIC finance including its Capacity Grant program

This session will outline each finance area, what types of development and tenure the grant can be used for, and the eligibility criteria for each.

The Capacity Building program provides access to professional advisory services to assist CHPs with the upfront work required to support a NHFIC loan application. Grants are available to Tier 1, 2 and 3 registered community housing providers.

Workshop Part 2: NHFIC’s financial model

This workshop aims to provide further information on the financial model which NHFIC uses, to ensure that CHPs are able to provide consistent information in enough detail for NHFIC to analyse their application.

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Since starting on 1 January, the banks have registered 3,000 potential first home buyers under the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.

The remaining 7,000 Scheme places for the current financial year will be available from 1 February 2020 when potential applicants will have a panel of 27 lenders to choose from.

NHFIC is releasing 10,000 First Home Loan Deposit Scheme guarantees this financial year. Another 10,000 places will be available from July 2020.

The staged release of Scheme places provides first home buyers with the opportunity to gather the necessary financial information to support their application and enables a broader choice between the major banks and smaller lenders. Twenty-five smaller lenders join the Scheme’s lending panel on 1 February.

Information on eligible properties and settlement dates can be found on the NHFIC website: nhfic.gov.au/what-we-do/fhlds/eligibility/#property-dates-table