CHIA NSW is a partner with FACS in the development and delivery of the NSW Community Housing Industry Development Strategy. As part of the Strategy, FACS funds a number of Industry Development Projects each year. Some of these deliver practice resources for community housing providers and the Toolkits can be found in the Resources section of this website.


Working with Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence: a toolkit to support community housing providers in NSW – November 2018

This Toolkit is designed to give community housing providers practical resources to manage the tenancies of people who are perpetrating domestic and family violence as they often have to manage the housing situation of both the victims and the perpetrators.

Creating Sustainable Tenancies for Tenants with Complex Needs – May 2018

Sustaining the tenancies of people with complex or multiple needs can be challenging for community housing providers. This toolkit provides practical resources to help them to keep people securely housed and to assist tenants to get the support services they need. The Toolkit can be accessed through the Toolkit link on the Home Page.

Building Support for Community Housing – July 2017

There is often resistance to the development of new housing in local communities and community housing providers can face an uphill battle convincing people to support new social and affordable housing. This project developed a toolkit of resources for providers to support them to build community support for housing development for people on lower incomes. The Toolkit can be accessed through the Toolkit link on the Home Page.

Aligned  Outcomes Report – June 2017

This project identified indicators and measures for a high-quality outcomes measurement framework for the community housing sector. It identified indicators that can demonstrate whether intended outcomes are being achieved across organisations and communities, aligned with the FACS Human Services Outcomes Framework (HSOF) and the social housing outcomes framework.

Strengthening Practice in Responding to Domestic and Family Violence: A Toolkit for Community Housing Provider – March 2017

Community housing providers have a responsibility to support tenants to sustain their tenancies and to prevent homelessness. This Toolkit provides them with the resources to respond effectively to tenants, household members or applicants that experience domestic and family violence.

Linking Tenants to Employment, Education and Training – November 2016

A significant proportion of CHPs are taking an active role in assisting their tenants into employment. This report identifies the range of activities CHPs undertake or broker to connect tenants to employment, education, training and other employment-related opportunities.

The Affordable Housing Financial Intermediary – July 2016

This paper set out the case for a financial intermediary able to access institutional funds and provide cheaper financing for the community housing industry – in 2018 this was established as the National Housing and Finance Investment Corporation (NHFIC). 

Affordable Housing through the Planning System: Industry Strategy Paper – September 2015

This report sets out why NSW needs a planning system that supports the delivery of additional affordable rental homes and identifies the planning strategies required. 

Community Housing Industry Readiness for the National Disability Insurance Scheme – May 2015

This report, prepared by Michael Smith for CHIA NSW set out the state of readiness of the community housing industry for the NDIS, and the opportunities and challenges it might pose to housing providers.