CHIA NSW commissions a range of reports and discussion papers often with the support of its members and partners.


The Affordable Housing Infrastructure Booster

CHIA NSW, BlueCHP Ltd, Evolve Housing and National Affordable Housing Providers Ltd commissioned Urban Transitions, Swinburne University of Technology to develop a policy blueprint for creating investment in affordable housing.

The Affordable Housing Infrastructure Booster aims to increase the supply of affordable rental properties by providing a tax credit that affordable housing developers can use to raise capital from investors and form equity partnerships.

To read more about this policy proposal, please click here (file download)

Filling the Gap: Costing a National Affordable Housing Program

CHIA NSW and Homelessness NSW commissioned UNSW to estimate the costs of delivering new supply of social and affordable rental housing to meet housing needs over the next 20 years.

This project builds on the AHURI research Social Housing as Infrastructure: An Investment Pathway to extend that methodology to estimate the need for affordable rental housing from households in the second income quintile in housing stress.

The cost to government of meeting need is modelled in the report based on a number of funding scenarios. The report can be accessed here.

Strengthening Economic Cases for Housing: Stage 2

In March 2018, supported by the Greater Sydney Commission and the NSW Federation of Housing Associations, a City Futures Research Centre team led by UNSW Visiting Professor Duncan Maclennan presented findings from a wide-ranging study on the economic implications of housing market performance and the case for treating housing as a form of productive infrastructure.

In the second stage of this study selected housing economy effects identified in the first report have now been subject to econometric modelling. This project has been led by Professor Duncan Maclennan, and also involved SGS consultants and Cadence Econometrics, on behalf of a consortium of not for profits, government and private sector organisations.

The media release( Report finds fixing the housing crisis is a valuable multibillion dollar infrastructure investment for NSW) can be found here. Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports can be found at the City Futures (USNW) website here.

An infographic for this report can be downloaded here.

Demand for Social and Affordable Housing in the Western Sydney City Deal Area – September 2018

CHIA NSW and an alliance of community housing providers operating in Western Sydney commissioned SGS Economics to model the a demand for social and affordable rental homes in the Western Sydney are in response to the District Plan and the Western Sydney City Deal. The report can be found here.

Multi-Tenure Developments: Best Practice Approaches to Design, Development and Management – July 2018

Overseas and in Australia, community housing providers are at the forefront of regenerating urban areas and delivering innovative multi tenure developments. This report illustrates how this has worked elsewhere and the lessons for NSW in what constitutes best practice in designing, developing and managing multi tenure developments.

Projecting Social and Affordable Housing Demand – June 2018

In 2018, CHIA NSW asked Economist Dr Judy Yates to model the number of social and affordable homes required to meet demand for low income renters in NSW. her report, Social and Affordable Housing Projections 2016-2026 (and 2036) identified a shortfall in the supply of homes of around 500,000 across Australia with 200,000 of those being in NSW.

Pathways Home: Community housing’s role in delivering better outcomes for people exiting corrective services – February 2018

CHIA NSW commissioned Tony Gilmour to provide advice on how the community housing industry could deliver improved housing outcomes for people leaving custody. His final report outlined the lack of suitable and sustainable housing options in NSW compared to other jurisdictions such as South Australia, and recommended trialling the development of local projects based on the Housing First principle. The report can be found here.

Making Better Economic Cases for Housing Policies – November 2017

In 2017, CHIA NSW partnered with UNSW to engage Professor Duncan McClennan in delivering a ground breaking report into why housing makes a difference to economic outcomes. The report makes the argument that housing is essential infrastructure and is essential to the productivity of cities and that governments should invest in additional affordable rental supply. Stage Two of this work, modelling the economic outcomes will be completed in 2019.

Strategic Commissioning: towards coordinated, efficient and evidence based delivery of social and affordable housing in NSW – June 2017

CHIA NSW members supported the commissioning of SGS Economics to consider a more effective way of commissioning social and affordable housing in NSW. The report looks at housing commissioning practice in Australia and overseas and recommends an approach built on a clear evidence base and a cycle of review and practice improvement. The report can be found here.

Large Scale Property Transfers: Position Paper – December 2015

In 2015 CHIA NSW carried out a broad ranging consultation with its members to identify the essential components of an effective property transfer program. The report can be found here.