MEDIA RELEASE: NSW community housing sector joins national campaign to fix our broken housing system

NSW community housing sector joins national campaign to fix our broken housing system

The state’s peak not-for-profit community housing body today joined hundreds of a community, housing, and homelessness organisations in calling on all political parties to support a plan to fix Australia’s broken housing system.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations CEO, Wendy Hayhurst, said housing stress is affecting local communities in Sydney and NSW more than any other part of Australia.

“The price of our state’s booming economy is that our house prices are continuing to soar in most parts of NSW, which means that rents are and homeownership realistically is now beyond any worker on a lower income or even average wage,” Ms Hayhurst said.

“Homelessness in NSW grew by 37% in just five years and is now the worst in the country, with more than 60,000 people in need of a safety net waiting for social housing.

“We need the NSW Government and the Federal government to work with the community and housing sectors to really fix our housing system for everyone – from renters, to home buyers to people struggling to find a roof over their head.”

Ms Hayhurst said Everybody’s Home has outlined five key measures for make sure everybody in NSW has a home.

Analysis for Everybody’s Home found that Australia will need 500,000 social and affordable homes by 2026 – many in NSW.

She said the state’s growing not for profit community housing sector was critical part of the solution.

“One of the biggest causes of homelessness in NSW is the lack of social and affordable housing. Too many renters are struggling in the private rental market and need affordable options. And many first home buyers can’t save for a deposit if they are paying private rents they simply cannot afford.

“We need to set out a clear National Strategy as they have in Canada for how we can meet growing need for affordable rental homes for nurses, aged care workers, and other vital people essential to keeping our local communities running.

“Government support, beyond increasing supply is absolutely critical. At a state level we need action through Inclusionary zoning and affordable housing target and incentives to trigger private and not for profit investment into affordable housing.”

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