Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety
in the Workplace

Short Courses for Professionals in the Community Housing Sector

Course Information


Start Dates

19 July 2022 | Enrol Now

16 August 2022 | Enrol Now


1 day from 9.30am – 1.00pm


Free – CHIA NSW Members Only

Delivery Method

Online via Zoom

Class Size

20 participants

Group bookings available by enquiry




Community Housing Providers work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as work colleagues, with tenants and applicants and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders. First Nations people comprise one in ten households living in community housing. This course is an exploration into understanding shared history, colonisation and government policies which impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the workplace of today. It will explore how we model cultural safety in our own work practice and develop strategies to enhance cultural safety.  

 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance and relevance of Indigenous cultural competency, diversity and unconscious bias in the workplace, and its effects on leadership and workplace effectiveness.
  • Differences and similarities between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture.
  • Understand how our shared history, particularly colonization and government policies, have impacted on Indigenous people and the workplace today.
  • Clarify the facts from the fallacies for those wishing to better understand Indigenous culture and people to enable more informed decisions and discussions on this topic in the workplace.
  • Understand the context for an improved relationships and outcomes between Indigenous Australia and the wider community.
  • Learn how and when to use terms referring to Indigenous people.

Who Should Attend

  • All Staff

Delivery Method

The course is delivered via a 1-day online Zoom workshop. Participants will be provided with a resource list and copies of PowerPoint slides on completion. 

About the Trainer

The course is delivered by Jennifer Newman, a Wiradjuri woman with many years’ experience training and working with community organisations on cultural safety. She imparts her experience and knowledge to make the session a truly memorable one for all participants.