Managing Hoarding and Squalor

Short Courses for Professionals in the Community Housing Industry

Course Information


Start Dates


11 October 2023 | ENROL NOW


9.30am – 3.30pm



Delivery Method

Online via Zoom

Class Size

18 students

Group bookings available by enquiry




As a Community Housing professional, you will respond to tenants who are identified as hoarders and may live in squalor. It is a complex mental health condition that can affect the person, their family and neighbours. This course will look at the issues behind hoarding and squalor, explore different strategies, and understand how to effectively use the legal and regulatory requirements for a satisfactory and long-lasting outcome.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand hoarding behaviour as a mental health condition.
  • Identify the difference between hoarding and squalor.
  • Identify the many aspects of a person’s life affected by hoarding including personal safety, child protection and animal welfare.
  • Develop strategies to manage hoarding and/or squalor within the community housing environment.
  • Identify the support services available within the local community.
  • Meet the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.

Course Outline

  • Defining hoarding and squalor.
  • Myths and images about hoarding.
  • Impact and consequences of hoarding and squalor on the individual, their family, and their neighbours.
  • Role of the law in managing hoarding and squalor.
  • Dealing with hoarding and squalor as a housing professional.
  • Working with the social services network.

Who Should Attend

  • Frontline workers
  • Housing specialists

Delivery Method

The course is delivered online via Zoom. Participants will also receive an infographic for their workplace outlining practical information and processes related to hoarding and squalor.