CHIA Networks

One of CHIA NSW’s key roles is to facilitate knowledge sharing between our members and to assist community housing providers to develop the quality of their services and the skills in their organisations. To assist with this, CHIA NSW hosts the CHIA Exchange, a regular networking event where members share expertise, good practice and discuss emerging issues. CHIA NSW also invites experts to Network sessions to share information on the latest research.

As well as the CHIA Exchange sessions, Networks receive information and bulletins from CHIA NSW keeping them up to date with relevant research, publications and resources.

The current CHIA NSW Networks are:

CEO’s Network

This Network is designed to allow CEO’s to discuss the important issues impacting on their organisations. Speakers on a range of topics provide the Network with the latest information about changes and impacts on the Industry. it also enables CEO’s to develop a shared understanding and response to major impacts on the industry.

Planning and Development Network

This Network focuses on navigating the NSW planning framework to develop and deliver housing. Members share their experiences and insights in planning and developing new housing supply and the Network often has attendees from Local Government who bring their perspective to planning and development issues

Financial Officers Network

This Network assists finance officers to stay informed of the latest news, trends and regulations that affect financial officers and other senior financial managers. Also discussed are broader government and industry initiatives that have an impact on organisational financial outcomes.

Asset Managers Network

This Network supports Asset Managers keep up to speed with best practice in the procurement and delivery of maintenance services. The Network also discusses sustainability and long term planning for the community housing portfolio.

Operations Network

This Network is for people responsible for the tenancy and operating areas of a community housing provider’s activity. It covers a range of issues including managing complex tenancies, and best practice in access and allocations and allows members to share experiences and discuss emerging issues.

NDIS Network

This Network focuses on building understanding about the housing issues emerging from implementation of the NDIS. It focuses on how members can improve access for people with disability, including those with intellectual disabilities, with participants learning from each others practice experiences.

Community Development Network

This Network brings together community development staff to talk about issues associated with improving community engagement, supporting tenant participation and participation in issues such as training and employment, as well as measuring tenant outcomes  and satisfaction.

Emerging Leaders

This Network is for emerging leaders in the community housing industry, for people who want to play an active role in developing and growing the industry. It provides an opportunity for them to consider the skills, capabilities and professional development they need as they progress in their housing careers.

Aboriginal Staff Network

This Network provides an opportunity for Aboriginal staff working in the sector to come together to discuss sector issues and new initiatives.

Staff from CHIA NSW members can register for a particular network(s) by emailing

NSW Community Housing Tenants Network

Membership of this Network is for tenants who live in Community Housing in NSW, and give those tenants a voice.  Tenant  Representatives  are elected by their fellow tenants of their Community Housing Provider.  Each Community Housing Provider can have two tenant representatives.