Community housing is affordable rental housing for people on very low to moderate incomes that is generally managed by not for profit community housing organisations.

Community housing includes generalist housing for all types of households, specialist housing for specific groups such as young people or single women, and housing managed by Aboriginal Community Housing Providers for Aboriginal tenants.

Community housing sits alongside other parts of the housing system that help people on low incomes, such as public housing managed by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and social housing owned by the Aboriginal Housing Office and also managed by FACS.

Community housing providers manage over 35,000 properties in NSW housing over 60,000 people.

10 things to know about community housing in NSW

The community housing industry

The community housing industry is broadly made up of not for profit organisations managed by boards of directors elected by their members.

Community housing providers manage a range of housing services including social and affordable housing for people who are on very low to moderate incomes, and transitional and crisis accommodation for people who are homeless.

Where a community housing provider is the only social housing provider in an area, they may also manage Private Rental Assistance, and Temporary Accommodation for people who are homelessness.

Community housing and national regulation

Community housing providers are regulated through the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. Further information about registration and national regulation is available through the NSW Registrar of Community Housing

Looking for community housing

If you need help with housing or homelessness, you can check to see what assistance you may be eligible for and how to apply through NSW Family and Community Services. There is one waiting list for social housing in NSW that covers both public housing and community housing for people on very low incomes, so you only need to complete the one application form through the Housing Contact Centre.

Some community housing providers have affordable housing for low income workers and other households that may not meet the eligibility criteria for social housing. There is no central waiting list for this type of housing, so you will need to contact the community housing provider in the area you want to live directly to see what is available.

A full list of community housing providers, including their areas of operation is available through NSW Family and Community Services.

Looking for information to lease your property via a community housing provider (CHP)?

If you want to lease a property that you own through a community housing provider (CHP), please look up a provider in your area using this search facility by local government area on the FACS website.

Some CHPs participate in a leasing scheme and will be able to provide more information directly when contacted.