Local councils and community housing

Resources for local councils

CHIA NSW is committed to working with local councils to help support affordable housing.

Local councils and community housing providers share a vision of creating and nurturing vibrant local communities.

Community housing providers are active in most council areas. They provide long-term positive social and economic impact by investing in homes and support services for individuals and families who cannot afford to rent or purchase a home on the private market.

This page provides information and resources for local councils on actions they can take to support housing outcomes in partnership with community housing providers.

Resources for local councils

Local councils taking action on affordable housing

This brochure outlines ways local councils can support the delivery of affordable homes and illustrates the benefits of partnering with community housing providers.
View the document.

Local council partnerships for the provision of affordable housing

This report examines models for how local councils can participate in the provision of affordable housing. The report demonstrates how partnerships with community housing providers deliver added benefits for councils and local communities.
Read the report.

Local Government Resource Bank: Affordable Housing Options and Opportunities

This resource bank outlines how councils can address key elements of local government affordable housing programs. It provides case studies of councils that have implemented these elements.
Find affordable housing options and opportunities.

Regional Housing Case Studies

A collection of regional housing case studies. The case studies outline the vision, commitments, responsibilities, and outcomes from these partnership projects.
Download the case studies.

Further Information and Resources

CHIA NSW Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard is an interactive tool that shows the spread of community housing homes across NSW including who they are owned and managed by, the numbers of social and affordable homes built and to be built in NSW, and rates of tenant satisfaction, rent outstanding, and occupancies.

It is an amalgamation of various data sets presented in an accessible, easy to use platform.

Use the data dashboard

Housing Needs Data

The UNSW City Futures Research Centre has conducted analysis using the 2021 Australian Census to identify households in rental stress or facing homelessness across Australia.

The project also unpacks the costs of delivering the required housing in these identified markets.

View the UNSW City Futures Housing Needs data

NSW Local Government Housing Kit

The NSW Department of Communities and Justice has compiled this kit for use by local governments to aid them in the delivery of affordable housing.

This includes practical information on developing a vision for housing in their local area, meeting planning challenges, interacting with stakeholders, and assessing financial feasibility.

Access the NSW Local Government Housing Kit

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