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Housing Matters – November 2019

CEOs Message

Welcome to the November issue of Housing Matters.

This month is of course AGM season and it has been great to watch so many of the community housing providers report such fantastic results, most importantly in terms of how they have continued to grow and help more low-income families across NSW obtain safe, secure and affordable housing.  With more than 50,000 properties across the State, the sector is now a critical part of the social and affordable housing framework.  Our collective job is to work to continue to grow as the demand for housing is also increasing and too many individuals and families don’t yet have a place to call home that they can afford.

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Housing Matters – October 2019

CEO Report

Welcome to the October edition of Housing Matters.

CHIA NSW and its members are working hard with partners in Government and the private sector to reduce the number of NSW low-income families in housing stress.  The challenge is a big one – with considerable unmet demand for low-income housing in communities across the State.  The community housing sector will continue to use all the resources it can to meet this challenge, because whilst we build, own and manage houses, what we are most focused on is providing homes to people.  Community housing providers own or manage more than 50,000 homes across NSW, and we are proud of the work we do in helping low-income families to find secure and affordable housing.

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Housing Matters September 2019

CEO Report

Welcome to the September edition of Housing Matters – another busy month for the community housing sector.

Last week, we held a fantastic CHIA Exchange with more than 100 participants across the sector participating on the day across several separate work streams – more details are below.

In other sector news, Hume Housing has completed its Social Housing Management Transfer of 2,200 properties and officially opened its new regional office in Maitland earlier this month – congratulations to all the team at Hume for their fantastic work on the transfer.

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