House Keys 2.0

Bigger and better industry benchmarking, powered by the Industry Data Hub

A new look House Keys is coming soon

After operating for seven years in its current form, a revamped and expanded House Keys will bring together a wider array of data sources, enabling more detailed analyses and granularity in reporting and visualisations.

Updates to the user interface include multi-source benchmarking for better context:

and extensive data mapping by LGA. In this example, repairs quality satisfaction is analysed by LGA:

Topic areas include:

• Housing management

• Repairs and maintenance

• Neighbourhood

• Finance and efficiency

• Tenant engagement

• Wellbeing and empowerment

• Communications

• Complaints and appeals

• Housing need

• Tenant survey detailed analysis

• Value for money

Download this document to find out more about what House Keys 2.0 will deliver.

To begin the House Keys 2.0 sign-up process for your organisation, please email Head of Business Services Adam West at [email protected]