Presenting at NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

SERIES: The Way We Work

Course Overview

Community housing organisations have a responsibility to ensure tenancy issues are managed well and that attempts to resolve issues are made in a timely manner.  This is important as early intervention sustains tenancies and avoids issues impacting on their safety and wellbeing and the surrounding tenants or neighbouring residents.  When attempts to resolve issues fail, social housing providers can choose to exercise their rights as landlords to take more formal tenancy actions in line with the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

With two pathways on offer for course completion, they will equip you with essential knowledge and understanding of the workings and processes of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

  • 2 days, 9:30am – 3:30pm
    + 30-min Assessment for SOA
  • Online via Zoom
    Face to face on request
  • $450 incl. GST for COA
    $500 for Assessment & SOA


  • 15 & 16 August 2024 (+ 29 August for 30-min Assessment)
  • 10 participants
    Group bookings by enquiry
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  • Participate and access all unit modules through the Moodle online learning management system.
  • Complete the quiz at the conclusion of modules with at least 90% pass rate.
  • Attend two Zoom online training sessions.
  • Participate and access all unit modules through the Moodle online learning management system.
  • Complete the quiz at the conclusion of modules with at least 90% pass rate as Assessment Task 1.
  • Attend three Zoom online training sessions.
  • Prepare and represent a case to the Tribunal as part of Assessment Task 2 during Zoom session three (30-minutes).
  • Gain fundamental skills in navigating NCAT procedures (as an applicant or a respondent), including record management and case preparation.
  • Understand core documentation required to present cases at the Tribunal.
  • Explore tools, resources, and best practice tips to sustain tenancies and promote better outcomes at the Tribunal.
  • Understand, prepare, and present a case to the Tribunal to secure a tenancy order through a simulated mock hearing to support practical representation skills (for accredited participants only).
  • Provide opportunities to network, workshop and collaborate with industry peers and experienced trainers and assessors.
  • Frontline housing/tenancy workers and their managers involved in NCAT.
  • Any housing or support workers looking for professional development (by attending NCAT or supporting clients going through NCAT procedures).
  • Housing staff who need to understand the Residential Tenancy Agreement (RTA) and workings of NCAT.

The course is delivered via Zoom sessions where you will network with others, workshop examples of cases and ask questions. A further session is available for participants who want to gain the accredited unit of competency (CHCADV004) and gain direct experience in preparation and representation of tenancy cases at Tribunal through a practical simulated hearing.

Simon has worked in the Community Housing Sector for over 15 years, working nationally and internationally in a suite of roles from operational management to policy development, systems and business improvement. Now working in a sector development capacity for the Aboriginal Community Housing Industry Association, Simon’s supporting the broader Aboriginal Housing Sector to participate alongside the Community Housing Sector.

Simon has extensive experience guiding staff in preparation and making representation at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. He brings to the session his most recent experience in preparing evidence to present to the tribunal and the techniques required to submit a comprehensive and accurate submission.

Julie Cleary is an experienced housing worker who has worked in social housing for over 12 years across various job roles including in the Housing Options Team, Affordable Housing Coordinator Housing Independence Office with Hume Housing. Julie is a result oriented, customer driven and quality focussed with a proven record in managing multiple functions and procedures to strive for strong customer service. Julie is known for her relaxed and approachable style that lends itself to learning. Her experience with NSW Civil and Administrative tribunal gives her the knowledge and skills to provide support and encouragement to prepare the participant for presenting at the Tribunal.

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