CHIA NSW urges NSW Government to prioritise

social and affordable housing during audit to increase

housing supply

Media release

16 May 2023

The Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) has urged the NSW Government to prioritise social and affordable housing as it conducts an audit of underutilised public land.

Premier Chris Minns will today order his government to conduct an audit of public landholdings to  identify land which can be repurposed for housing as the state grapples with an unprecedented housing emergency.

“We welcome the news of this audit, and the urgency shown by Premier Minns that he wants to address the growing crisis,” said Caitlin McDowell, Head of Policy & Advocacy at CHIA NSW.

“But it is absolutely critical that a significant portion of rezoned land be used to build social and affordable housing. That is the key to confronting a housing crisis which is having its most severe impacts on our state’s most vulnerable people.

“There are 58,000 families and individuals on the social housing waitlist in NSW. Many are waiting more than 10 years in this so-called queue. The need for social and affordable housing could not be more obvious,” said Ms McDowell.

CHIA NSW said that the housing crisis is growing, and that the private rental market is forcing families in NSW into desperate situations.

“The pressure on the housing market is immense, with the cost of private rentals skyrocketing and vacancy rates hitting record lows. This housing and rental crisis is growing more and more dire each passing day.

“Our essential workers, pensioners, people living with disabilities, students, minimum-wage earners and others are struggling the most through this crisis. That is why this audit must prioritise the construction of social and affordable housing, so ordinary people can afford to keep a roof over their head,” said Ms McDowell.

Media Contact: Kayla Foster, 0447 040 029