Community housing

Community housing providers now manage over 50,000 homes in NSW.

Community housing supports NSW Government’s homelessness package, but urges social housing stimulus

The Community Housing Industry Association NSW, the NSW peak body for the community housing sector, has stated its members stand ready to support the NSW Government’s historic $36 million package to alleviate homelessness.

The NSW Government’s Together Home program will aim to fund the leasing of units from the private market and convert them to social housing units, with community housing providers to be involved in the process of managing associated properties.

Community Housing Industry Association NSW CEO Mark Degotardi welcomed the Together Home package and said members would be ready to assist the NSW Government.

“This package is a strong step forward in nullifying the negative social impacts of COVID-19, we welcome the NSW Government’s investment in tackling these issues.”, said Mr Degotardi.

“Community housing providers now manage over 50,000 homes in NSW. Many of our tenants have gone through tough times, so community housing providers have deep expertise in working with tenants to turn their lives around. That journey starts with secure housing for many families and we will support the NSW Government’s efforts to make that a reality,” said Mr Degotardi.

The peak body also called for further stimulus in social housing to secure housing for NSW families in unaffordable and insecure circumstances.

“To make the effort to fight homelessness truly effective, the NSW Government needs to invest in more social housing as a key stimulus measure that creates more secure homes, new jobs in construction and new economic activity,” stated Mr Degotardi.

“The community housing sector has shovel-ready projects on its portfolios that with NSW Government support could drive new investment for our State and create the secure housing we desperately need.”


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