Minns Government’s first budget tells most vulnerable NSW families to just keep waiting

Media release

19 September 2023

The Minns Government has passed up a golden opportunity to start rebuilding NSW’s broken housing system, offering none of its own funding for new social housing supply in this year’s budget, according to the peak community housing body in NSW.

“It’s extremely disappointing that the State Government did not put substantial new money towards building more social and affordable housing homes, right when families in NSW need it most,” said Community Housing Industry Association NSW CEO Mark Degotardi.

CHIA NSW said the funding in today’s State Budget was primarily for existing, under-funded programs and services to continue and doesn’t commit funding to put more homes on the ground.

“There is no money in this Budget to help build more social housing despite the State’s social housing wait list standing at 56,000 households, the largest in the country.

“The only commitment to build more affordable housing was through reinvestment in Landcom. This initiative is welcome but will only deliver around 1,400 homes by 2039-40.

“That is roughly 80 affordable homes a year, at a time when the unmet housing need in NSW stands at over 220,000 homes.  It is a drop in the ocean – it wouldn’t even meet the projected demand in any one of Sydney’s LGAs, let alone the statewide demand.

“This Budget was the perfect opportunity to show the people of NSW that the Minns Government is determined to help solve the state’s chronic social and affordable housing shortage.  That opportunity has been missed,” said Mr Degotardi.

“Instead, we are relying on the private market to provide solutions.  The private market is important but is has never, and never will, provide the solutions to social and affordable housing need.

“In recent months, the Federal Government has put money on the table to boost supply in the housing market, through the Housing Australia Future Fund and the Social Housing Accelerator Fund.

“The scale of the crisis means that funding from the Federal Government alone cannot solve this housing emergency.  The NSW Government also needs to respond with a significant and long-term plan,” Mr Degotardi said.

“All other State Governments in Australia have responded with significant investments.  Despite being the largest State in Australia, NSW is dragging its feet on investment in desperately needed new social and affordable housing supply.

“All other Federal and State Governments have recognised the scale of the crisis and begun the process of repair.

“In NSW, we are still waiting.  The most vulnerable households in NSW are already waiting up to 10 years for social housing.  They just can’t wait any longer.

“The crisis is not too big to solve, and it is not too late to begin. The not-for-profit community housing industry has projects that are ready to go.  We just need the funding to start building the homes families in our state need.”

“It is not too late for the NSW Government to confront this crisis head-on. We call on the Government to work with the not-for-profit community housing industry on a long-term plan that will give NSW’s most vulnerable families a safe and affordable place to call home.”

Media contact: Tanya Evans, 0424 156 146