NSW Government funding will upgrade homes and spur jobs

The NSW Government’s provision of $40 million in funding for capital works for social housing will help create jobs and upgrade homes, according to the Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW).

CHIA NSW CEO, Mark Degotardi, welcomed the NSW Government funding which will see $40 million provided to 31 successful tender bids from community housing providers (CHPs) for housing works.

“Funding that supports improving homes is needed now more than ever. This funding will upgrade homes while creating jobs, particularly in regional areas,” said Mr Degotardi.

The NSW Government estimates the program will create 350 jobs in NSW, with more than half of them in regional areas. Projects supported will include:

  • 330 bathroom replacements;
  • 380 kitchen replacements;
  • 290 roof replacements;
  • 950 external painting jobs, and
  • 230 window replacements.

“These projects will have a direct, positive impact in the lives of NSW families by updating  thousands of properties across NSW. We congratulate the Government and Minister Pavey for this much-needed investment”, said Mr Degotardi.

CHIA NSW welcomed the focus on funding allocation for housing maintenance in regional areas.

“The positive social impact of this funding is even stronger in regional areas, where housing is in critically short supply for low-income families.”

CHIA NSW stated that with more government funding for housing supply, the community housing sector could create even more homes, jobs and investment for regional NSW.

“More than 50,000 people are on the waiting list for social housing – community housing providers are ready to work with Government to help thousands of families in housing stress,” said Mr Degotardi.

“We have already delivered $1.2 billion of new investment and 8,000 jobs in the last decade alone. With further government investment, the community housing sector could begin to reduce the critical shortages of social and affordable housing across in NSW.”