NSW Government must not forget the more than 50,000 families on the housing waitlist in the State Budget

Media release

20 June 2022

The NSW State Government appears to have forgotten the 50,000 families on the social housing waitlist in the state, the Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) says in response to the Government’s Budget announcements about housing.

“The Government’s announcements focus solely on home ownership and infrastructure and ignores those struggling to just keep a roof over their heads,” said Caitlin McDowell, Head of Policy at CHIA NSW.

“Our state is in the midst of a housing vulnerability crisis. There are more than 50,000 NSW families on the social housing waitlist, with wait times up to 10 years and more.

“We know this list will grow even longer with interest rates driving up rents, the rising cost-of-living, and the NSW floods putting even more pressure on families.

“The Government’s announcements offer these families no hope,” Ms McDowell said.

Ms McDowell said that she hoped tomorrow’s State Budget would include a significant allocation of resources to substantially increase the supply of social housing.

“Our housing system is failing, letting hundreds of thousands of people down because successive Governments at all levels have failed to develop strategies and policies that would create a fairer housing market for all.

“The NSW Government has the chance in tomorrow’s State Budget to make a real difference to the lives of so many people doing it tough by investing significantly in social and affordable housing,” Ms McDowell said.

CHIA NSW is calling on the State Government to address the growing crisis by:

• $200 million per annum for the next two years to deliver social housing in Greater Sydney, Wollongong, and the Central Coast through the Community Housing
Innovation Fund
• A $500 million investment in a regional housing program to deliver social and affordable homes in the regions, delivered in partnership with non-profit
community housing providers
• Provide permanent housing for participants in the Together Home program, by building an additional 200 social housing properties over two years for people
exiting the program.

Media Contact: Kayla Foster, 0447 040 029