NSW must encourage and invest in social and affordable homes, Taskforce finds

9 November 2021– The NSW Government’s Regional Housing Taskforce has confirmed that the state can’t address the housing crisis in our regions and get families off the social housing waitlist without drastically increasing social and affordable housing supply, the Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) says.

CHIA NSW welcomed the release of the taskforce’s final report today, which includes a suite of recommendations for all levels of government to increase the availability of social and affordable housing.

“The Regional Housing Taskforce report is a much-needed reminder for the Perrottet Government that the housing crisis will not solve itself,” says Mark Degotardi, CEO of CHIA NSW.

“There are nearly 20,000 families in regional NSW on the social housing waitlist. The reality is that social and affordable homes are the only kind these families can afford.

“Without direct government investment to build these homes, they have nowhere else to go. Meanwhile the queue just keeps growing.

“It’s one of the biggest economic challenges facing our governments, but the non-profit community housing sector is ready to help get the job done and build the homes Australians need.”

Key recommendations of the Regional Housing Taskforce include:

  • An ongoing program to deliver new and renewed social and affordable housing supply through state government partnerships with community housing providers and local councils
  • Release of more government-owned land for much-needed social and affordable housing development
  • Review of planning controls and creation of new incentives to encourage social and affordable housing developments

Review of state government funding to support social and affordable housing supply. “It’s heartening to see the Taskforce also recognise the crucial role of Federal Government in making sure Australia builds the housing people need,” says Mr Degotardi.

“Commonwealth policy levers have a massive impact on social and affordable housing supply, as well as the affordability of home ownership. We need significant national reform to correct a housing sector that is failing to provide affordable housing in thousands of communities across Australia.

“The Federal Government should go another step and revitalise its own direct investment. Commonwealth housing supply has been dwindling for decades, right when it’s needed most.

“Any Federal Government that’s serious about helping everyday Australian families get by must renew sustained investment in social housing and tackle the taxation settings that have put a home beyond the reach of so many Australian families.”

Media contact: Hannah Craft, 0423 377 965

The Regional Housing Taskforce Recommendations Report can be found here.