CHIA NSW Industry Day 2022

View details about our Industry Day upcoming in July

CHIA NSW will be holding an Industry Day for Members and encourage you to save the date now before more details are released in the coming weeks.

The event will be held on Monday 25 July 2022 at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

We invite CHP CEOs, Managers, and front-line staff to attend for strategic discussions around how we can best collectively tackle the challenges our industry is facing. Your input is invaluable to CHIA NSW, especially ahead of such crucial times as NSW fast approaches the 2023 State Election.

The Industry Day will also showcase the latest research, data and projects from CHIA NSW.

Please note that this free event is strictly limited to 100 in-person attendees.

Online registration will be available soon. Please email [email protected] to be notified when the registration portal goes live.

CHIA NSW social media assets/collateral

Social media assets and collateral compiled conveniently for member use

We encourage you to use these content assets in your own social media advocacy.


Value of community housing animation

An animation drawing on data from our Community Housing Innovation Fund project showing the return on investment when government partners with CHPs.

CHIA NSW 3-point plan animation

Animation showing CHIA NSW’s 3-point plan to address the housing crisis ahead of the State Budget.

Regional NSW vacancy rates graphic

A graphic showing the rental vacancy rates of regional NSW

Animation showing a quote from CHIA NSW CEO

Quote from Mark Degotardi, CEO of CHIA NSW stating readiness of CHPs to solve housing crisis and calling government to help.

Animation showing community housing development over past decade

Animation shows homes delivered by CHPs, money invested by CHPs, and number of LGAs where CHPs are building new homes.

Advocacy Toolkit

Tools created exclusively for members to aid with advocacy efforts

We want to help empower our members to advocate on behalf of themselves and the sector to government, the media and the public.

This Advocacy Toolkit contains several tools which are created in a generic way so they can be fit-for-purpose for any advocacy you might be undertaking. At times, we will also develop tools for advocacy relating to specific campaigns, like the 2023 State Election. More information about these types of documents will come out later in 2022.


Community Housing 101

An infographic document providing a simple explanation of what community housing is.

Crafting media releases and alerts

A document with tips and templates for crafting media releases and alerts.

Tips for Facebook engagement

Tips on how best to engage your communities on Facebook

Engaging local media

A checklist of steps for engaging local media

Engaging with Ministers and Members of Parliament Offices

Our suggested best practice for engaging with parliamentarians

COMING SOON: 2022 Community Housing Snapshot

The latest stats and figures relating to the NSW community housing industry

Please let us know if you have suggestions for ways this Toolkit can be improved

Email us

Member-exclusive Meltwater subscription offer

CHIA NSW has a subscription contract with Meltwater who provide a media monitoring service. We’ve discussed with Meltwater being able to offer the service to our members who can tack onto our subscription service as listeners at a significantly reduced rate. This is how it works:

CHIA NSW maintains its usual account as the admin, setting the search keywords that end up dictating which media articles and social media posts (containing those keywords) are collected. This comes through as a twice-daily media digest. These key search terms are:

Community Housing/NSW/Mark Degotardi (news and social)

Housing affordability and supply (news)

Members – this search contains the name of each organisation within CHIA NSW’s membership (news and socials) so you would see whenever your organisation is mentioned across news or socials.

CHIA NSW (news and social)

Regional housing (news)

Community Housing Innovation Fund

Michele Adair (CHIA NSW’s Chair) (social and news)

The cost for members is $825 (incl. GST) per year for a Listener licence which grants access to the digest reports which come out twice daily and collects all media (news and socials) relevant to those searches. Every article (except those from the Aus Financial Review) can be accessed regardless of paywall restrictions. See images below for how these digest reports look.

Members can discuss with CHIA NSW if they are looking for particular search terms to be changed or added, however, there is limited flexibility due to CHIA NSW having already set the maximum number of search terms.

If your organisations was to take up the offer, CHIA NSW will arrange this with Meltwater, pay the $825 fee and invoice you.

To express interest or get more information, please contact Media and Communications Adviser, Josh Appleton at [email protected].

Meltwater digest report – directory in email
Meltwater digest report – how article links look