IDS Project: Value for Money

Community Housing Providers (CHPs) have always sought to achieve Value for Money (VfM) that is, to do the most for their tenants with the resources they have. However, in recent years, increasing demand from both the government and community on accountability for public spending has resulted in pressure on the industry to have a more proactive focus on VfM, and an increased need to confidently articulate and evidence VfM.

The overall focus on VfM metrics can lead to CHP’s identifying ways to serve and support tenants more effectively and to drive cost and service efficiencies.  The identification, analysis and reporting on key VfM metrics is a powerful way to drive data-led continuous improvement. 

Through extensive consultation and consensus with a number of key industry stakeholders and researchers, as well as extensive national and international research on VfM, a community housing industry 15-metric VfM Framework has been developed.

This report presents the process undertaken for those engaged in the development of the Framework and pilot project, as well as conclusions and next steps for the industry to ensure that they can effectively lead the VfM conversation with those inside and outside of the industry, most notably Government.

Value for Money Industry Development Strategy Project

Value for Money Evaluation Report

CHIA NSW thanks and acknowledges the NSW Department of Communities and Justice who provided funding to complete this project. CHIA NSW thanks and acknowledges Societel Consulting who developed the Evaluation Report, Sector Report and individual reports for participating CHPs.