Responding to Domestic and Family Violence

Short Courses for Professionals in the Community Housing Industry

Course Information


Start Dates

13 September 2023 | ENROL NOW


1/2 day from 9.00am – 1.00pm


$150+ GST

Delivery Method

Online via Zoom or face to face

Class Size

20 participants

Group bookings available by enquiry




Domestic and family violence is a complex and difficult issue and appears almost weekly in the news. It is important that community housing staff, particularly front-line staff can understand the issues and behaviours indicative of domestic and family violence. This session will discuss the myths and realities of domestic and family violence and explore strategies of reducing risk and increasing safety. Working with perpetrators is included as part of the session as many staff will work with perpetrators of domestic and family violence.  It will outline support services for referral, and the policies that characterise organisational best practice.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the complexity of the issues and its impact on the physical, social and financial wellbeing and safety of individuals, families and communities
  • Recognise and apply the regulations from the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) and its implication for community housing tenants
  • Use a common tool DVSAT to identify the level of threat to victims/survivors
  • Identify and refer to appropriate support services within the local area

 Course Outline

  • Overview of domestic and family violence (DFV)
  • Working with and responding to customers and tenants affected by domestic and family violence
  • Identifying workplace practices which respond to the victim/survivor’s needs
  • Using the DVSAT to assess risk
  • Identifying when to refer to appropriate services
  • Understanding the DFV under the Residential Tenancies Act (2010)

Who Should Attend

  • Frontline workers
  • Managers

Delivery Method

The course is delivered via online Zoom workshops or face-to-face.