Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

A collection of videos providing us with practical tips to help find the right work-life balance

Finding the right balance between our work lives and our home lives can be hard.

Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of our work life. In the community housing sector we have challenging roles and can be exposed to confronting situations.

In the clips, experienced staff give you information about each of the topics and encourage you to think and reflect on your work practices.

We can all use some additional tools to help us reflect on the ways we can support our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our colleagues too. These clips, brought to you by CHIA NSW and Home in Place, are a valuable resource to ensure that Staff Wellbeing becomes an integral part of your team’s daily conversation. They are designed to encourage you to pause, reset and recharge.

Here’s how you can use these clips: 

  • Play one of the clips at your staff meeting to prompt a conversation about one of the topics. 
  • These clips can be used for individual staff members who are having difficulties around a specific topic. 
  • Encourage staff to take a few minutes each week to review a clip and remind themselves of the importance of self care. 

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