Thriving Communities

The transformative impact of the Social Housing Management Transfer Program.

Between 2018 and 2019 the NSW Government and not-for-profit community housing providers (CHPs) partnered to deliver the Social Housing Management Transfer (SHMT) Program. This program saw the transfer of nearly 14,000 public housing properties to nine CHPs across NSW – the single biggest transition of public housing tenancies to the community housing industry in Australia. 

The aim was to:

  • Deliver better long-term outcomes to tenants through better tenancy management and stronger community networks
  • Increase the capacity of the community housing industry to strengthen the social housing system
  • Increase support services for tenants by accessing funding sources available to community housing providers

And it worked.

For the people living in the homes that have been transferred to CHPs, it’s led to better outcomes across a range of different measures, including:

  • People living in community housing homes are happier with their homes compared to people living in public housing. 
  • Access to support services from community housing providers and other organisations that goes beyond just a roof over their head.
  • Better connection between people living in community housing homes and their community. 
  • People living in community housing homes benefit from timely, high-quality repairs and maintenance services.

Community housing residents are happier with their homes

compared to public housing residents.

And happier with life as a whole

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Meet the people

Meet the people living in social housing management transfer properties.

Thousands of families and individuals across NSW have experienced the positive impacts of transitioning into a safe and secure home provided by CHPs.

Their stories show the power of the SHMT program in transforming people’s lives and setting them up to thrive.


Lisa had been experiencing homelessness until she found a permanent place to live in Manly, under a program through Bridge Housing. Watch the video below to hear more about her story.


Being connected to her community is important to Eileen, who has lived in her Willoughby home for five decades. Watch the video below to hear more about her story.

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Gregg has become an active part of his local community in Taree through his local community housing provider, Home in Place.

“I’ve always grown veggies wherever I live, I enjoy having fresh veggies like peas, beans, tomatoes or whatever is in season, to save a trip to the supermarket and help to feed my family. We like to get seven or so beds, have it sectioned off and enclosed away for our community to use.”

Kera was supported by Community Housing Limited into owning her own home in Kempsey after renting it for 16 years.

“There was a lot to do but I had the support of Jo, my case worker, and Rennay from Community Housing Limited, who helped with researching whether I could buy the social housing property and then they advocated on my behalf for it to happen.”

Nazmi found a secure home with a support network that set him up for success after leaving custody through Community Housing Limited.

“I spent 18 months behind bars, and I knew it would be really difficult to set myself up again. But the process was really easy- I was going through a rough period but then Nichole appeared out of nowhere to help so I owe her everything.”

Jason was able to find short-term accommodation while he was supported to find a long term, secure home in Tamworth through Homes North.

“It means the world to me, I never pictured having what I have because of my bad childhood. I love my little home, it’s my safe place, my happy place and I can do what I want. I couldn’t be more grateful for the help that I got.”

Anne is grateful for her newfound sense of security and values the culture of inclusivity fostered by Link Wentworth, after almost three decades in social housing.

“From the beginning, they had a really open approach in general. My tenancy manager was kind, there was written information about everything which they took the time to explain to me, and whenever I rang up or had a question, it was always responded to.”

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