CHIA NSW offers a series of free toolkits, which are practice resources designed to support community housing providers to deliver effective services to tenants and applicants in line with international best practice in housing management.

Working with Older Tenants Toolkit: Building the capacity of  community housing providers to support tenants to age in place

Developed in partnership between Uniting and CHIA NSW, the Working with Older Tenants Toolkit is a brand new resource for providers facing the challenges of accommodation for an ageing population.

The Working with Older Tenants Toolkit is a resource for any providers supporting tenants ageing in place (i.e. Community Housing Providers, Aged Care Providers, long-term accommodation providers).

Working with Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence: a toolkit to support community housing providers in NSW

Community housing providers in NSW are often at the frontline of dealing with the fallout of domestic and family violence. Not only do they need to keep women experiencing family violence and their children safe, they often also have to manage the housing situation of both the victims and the perpetrators.

Developed by Sue Cripps, this is the first resource of its kind targeted to social and affordable housing landlords in Australia.

Strengthening Practice in Responding to Domestic and Family Violence: a toolkit for community housing providers

Community housing providers have a responsibility to support tenants to sustain their tenancies and to prevent homelessness.  Tenants, household members or applicants that experience domestic and family violence (DFV) have a right to expect that providers will respond to help them. Community housing providers can make a significant difference through the implementation of well-designed and evidenced DFV policies and procedures.

Developed by Sue Cripps, this very practical toolkit gives community housing providers the resources they need to better respond to people experiencing domestic and family violence.

Building Community Support for Community Housing

There is often resistance to the development of new housing in local communities and community housing providers can face an uphill battle convincing people to support new social and affordable housing. This toolkit has a range of resources for providers to support them to proactively build community support for housing development for people on lower incomes. It includes fact sheets, videos and information about development and strategies for positively influencing how people feel about new housing.

Developed by Dr Judy Stubbs, this practical resource offers the tools needed to build community support for affordable housing development.

Creating Sustainable Tenancies for Tenants with Complex Needs

Sustaining the tenancies of people with complex or multiple needs can be challenging for community housing providers. This toolkit provides practical resources to help them to keep people securely housed and to assist tenants to get the support services they need. It includes a vulnerability assessment tool, a policy on sustaining tenancy and a decision making framework, a hoarding checklist, and an easier to read tenancy agreement.

Developed by Sue Cripps, this toolkit is the first of its kind to support community housing providers and their front line staff to implement better practice in managing more complex tenancies.

Multi-Tenure Developments: Best Practice Approaches to Design, Development and Management

Overseas and in some jurisdictions in Australia, community housing providers are at the forefront of regenerating urban areas and delivering innovative multi tenure developments. This toolkit provides a number of case studies illustrating how this has worked elsewhere, and providing clear lessons for NSW in what constitutes best practice in designing, developing and managing multi tenure developments.

Developed by Dr Judy Stubbs this resource is invaluable for any community housing provider looking to lead, or participate in, consortium arrangements to deliver medium to large scale urban redevelopment.

Complaints Toolkit

Complaint management is a critical part of community housing business, and an area which has been identified as a target for improvement across the industry. This toolkit is intended to be used to guide CHPs in managing complaints from tenants, applicants or other people in relation to their housing services.